jw anderson uniqlo

J.W. Anderson x Uniqlo


Words by Billy George

Once upon a time, you get to a point in life where nothing really surprises you. Especially when it comes to collaborations. I thank Supreme a lot for that since they've basically done everything (they even made bricks for goodness sake!), so when you hear news of a collection coming our from Uniqlo designed by the Irish-born designer Jonathan Anderson of J.W.Anderson - you get a little excited. Ok. Maybe a lot!

Uniqlo is one of the kings of basics, rivalled only by the other 'almost-department store range of good' brands such as Zara or H&M. The Japanese brand itself is well known within the industry and has become a staple of unique collaborations with some of the biggest fashion houses. I mean, it was only a little while ago that they had a collection designed by Christophe Lemaire (who also helped helm the Uniqlo U sub-label). There was the partnership with Jil Sander for +J collection years back. 

This 33-piece collection that recently dropped had me flipping lids - I honestly completely forgot about it and passing a local store whilst out at a mall, I saw the signage, looked in and was not disappointed. I remember seeing the original notices in July when it was announced and was super excited at the trench coat. I had to have my hands on it. How could I forget! But lucky for me and my small frame, a very last extra small was left that fitted like a glove.

Damn! It was almost heavenly, seeing the last coat in the size I needed just sitting there waiting. It had my name on it (well if my name was J.W.Anderson - but you get the idea)! 

The tan/camel coloured front was lined in tartan. The traditional English play on a classic silhouette just worked. The idea behind the collection came from Japanese functionality with British design sensibility. You know what. it's executed so brilliantly that I didn't realise the best feature until days later. It was reversible! R E V E R S I B L E! The coming of two worlds just works.

Overcoats, topcoats and jackets are a major piece to any wardrobe, yet few have such staple pieces to invest in. As the cooler months hit and come out shining into Spring, a light coat is one life's necessities. 

This exact coat, and many of the others in the collection that I didn't get my hands on (cause honestly, I wish I could but my wardrobe is brimming and I'm in dire need of a clean out!), are perfect layering additions to any outfit! A cool Spring morning? A cold Winter's day? Well, piecing a number of light or heavy layers under this coat is exactly what you need. Spring has definitely come on time in Melbourne so wearing only a pair of jeans and a plain tee is my kind of comfortable yet stylish layers.

What I Wore:
J.W.Anderson x Uniqlo trenchcoat
United Arrows & Sons tee (white)
AS Color tee (navy)
Zara denim (distressed slim cut)
Edwin denim (navy slim cut)
Christian Kimber sneakers
Akubra campdraft
Triwa watch
Bailey Nelson specs