Rockin' it in Knitwear

Rock on

Knitwear & me

Words by Billy George

Thick woolly knits and winter are synonymous. What more could you want on a cold day than a big ol' rugged thick cardigan or sweater to keep you warm?  Exactly. Nothing. You heard me. Knitwear can be as versatile as you want it to be, allowing you to style it in almost any way possible. That's what I truly love about it.

Think about it. Your work has a strict dress code and you're feeling a little chilly? No problems, Wear that wicked shirt & tie combo you're known for and add in a thin knit sweater layered between your shirt and blazer. What about a casual day out and about? Cool man! Just chuck on a chunky cable knit sweater and a fitted pair of denim. It's the one piece in your wardrobe you can wear with nearly anything. 

So what kind of pieces should you essentially own in your wardrobe? Well. Firstly, a basic knit cardigan that's loose to fit that you can pair on a breezy day. Next? A mix of knit sweaters in a variety of colours - navy, grey, black, burgundy. I prefer the round neck cut over the v-neck (was never a fan). Oh! Let's not forget my actual recent favourite! Turtlenecks! It's something that I've never been brave enough to wear until I got recent inspiration from Europe fashion month's street style. 

Sometimes, the working week kicks the shit out of you and a comfortable outfit is a requirement. Not so much of a choice anymore. A recent favourite combination for me is pairing casual aged denim with this knit cardigan I picked up in a trip to California about 3.5 years ago. It's been a constant piece that I can't just seem to let go - a constant piece that I just wear, drop for a couple of weeks/months then just fall in love with it again. You get that sometimes. Well I know I do. I get something that catches my eye and then don't connect with it for a long time, then it's just a wardrobe staple that you don't ever want to forget.

What I Wore:
J Crew cardigan
Bape henley
Levi's 501CT denim
Christian Kimber sneakers
Triwa watch
Bailey Nelson specs