Someone Switched on the Heat

Blink, and Summer will come

Words by Billy George

summer style

I woke up this morning with a mild panic attack. Drenched in sweat, I threw my covers aside as my pyjamas clung close, making for an awkward reshuffle. Getting up to pull the drawstring that leads to an open window, I got a fair bit of a bright-eyed shock. Let me tell you why!

It's now early January and it's been nothing but average days for the middle of Summer in Australia. And summer in Australia is usually dry, humid and stinking hot; in other words, not really as fun as people make it out to be. The sun burns. So when I awoke this morning to a 'scorcher' as the Aussies would say, it definitely took me by surprise.

So what do you wear, when the heat is switched to nuclear and wearing anything that covers too much becomes a bother? 

Cotton tees and chino shorts. That's what I, the illustrious Billy George, first went to when opening the closet post-shower (with straight cold water!). COTTON. For Summer! You need not look further unless you're locked onto linen. Then, and only then, you are excusable. 

Why cotton? Well, it's lightly woven and breathable. It's natural, and compared to man-made fabrics, can be moulded into the perfect summer essentials that are beyond comfortable. Reasons to wear cotton? 

  1. Breathable yet absorbent, it is naturally able to be woven to remove body moisture keeping you sweat free to keep you dry and cool.
  2. Lightweight and colour-fast. Since it's quite light in its shading and tone, it is easily coloured to help you with the choice of a million different variations. 
  3. Can easily be moulded into slim-fitted or loose layers. Either way, there is ample space for breathability. 
  4. For those suffering from reactions, it helps bring down the severity of allergies and is a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

I guess I've just become an advocate for the cotton industry. And I'm not even getting paid for it.