Summer Rain

Reppin' That Cowboy Steeze on a Crisp Melbourne Day

Words by Billy George

After almost 13 days in a row of 30 degree days, Melbourne has finally hit a cool change that gotten rid of the humidity in the air. But by cool change, I mean the storms were so wild, we had 100mm of rain (about 2 months of rain) in a single weekend so you could imagine the amount of rain that came through and didn't stop till late Sunday. 

It's now Monday morning, I've peeled my covers off to instantly freeze my bones. Looking outside, the morning look crisp. It's 6am and the morning light is hitting and the sunrise is peaking its head from above the roofs of neighbouring houses. Our house is at the top of a hilly area so it's quite picturesque on those right mornings. The blue skies with the sparse clouds look quite deceiving. Time to take the dog and decide what to wear for the day!

My mornings tend to mostly be taken up by walking my dog. I have a Shiba Inu called Teddy and he's a cutie pie - he's grown accustomed to walks in the a.m. that he'll come and jump on my bed if I'm a little late to wake me up. After thirty minutes of plotting the pavements of the 'burbs, I've fed Teddy and hit the shower. Now standing in front of my closet doors, I've stuck with what to wear - yet out of the corner of my eyes, I've peeped these faded black jeans I haven't worn in forever. Yep. That's it! A good start.

Quickly checking my work calendar on my phone, I saw that I had no client facing meetings so I think a casual white tee is in order. Well next up? Of course, I spot my YSL boots and sat there pondering if they'd suit the drop crotch cut of the denim. Turns out the slim line leg made it work brilliantly! So on they go and how could I not wear my shearling coat! It's been a hot November so I haven't had a chance to wear it in a while! Something was missing. Yep. A hat! Done. Welcome to the week!

What I Wore
Akubra squatter hat
United Arrows & Sons white tee
G-Star denim
Topman shearling coat
YSL boots
Triwa watch
Bailey Nelson specs