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One way to grab attention in Winter

Words by Billy George

Winter in Melbourne is always a contentious issue. It forms part of nearly every conversation you have a with a stranger as you walk your dog, or mid deep-discussion with a friend while out sipping on coffees. It's no laughing matter.

Melbourne's Winters are depressingly cold. Part of my daily routine has been watching the wind direction, cause that's what dictates that actual temperature. 

It could be a cold 10 degrees but if the wind is coming from the north, it'll be bearable; just chuck on a jacket and you'll be fine. 

If it's a southerly, then you're in trouble. Nothing stops a southerly. The winds pick up from the arctic and go right through you. You feel the bitterness in your bones. Trust me, you don't want to feel that kind of cold in your life. 

And I know what you're about to tell me. Please hold off. I know other cities and areas get colder. I'm talking Melbourne winter, not Alaskan. That's a whole different ball game. 

But enough about the weather. Let us get a little bit more on topic. Adding a bit of pizzaz to your outfits in Melbourne isn't so difficult. The general population, especially the guys, tend to follow the leader of poor general retailers who focus on the main stream. As you can kind of tell, I'm over it. You pass shop by shop and they've all generally got the same stock, just varying colours. Being unique in assembling your outfits has thus, become that little bit harder as you got to really delve into racks of clothing to find the right piece to add to your ensemble. 

Melbourne's typical outfits also consist of a lot of black or neutral colours. Standing out without 'standing out' isn't too difficult. It takes a few brave steps. 

1. Don't be afraid 

Rocking something a little left from centre isn't such a bad thing, and doesn't have to be such a big deal. Looking at my outfit here, the statement piece is the shirt. Well, take away the hat and it's really not that big of a deal. 

2. Accessorise

Wear that cap, put on that watch and match it with a ring or three. it's all within your power to really get that unique feeling. 

3. Safety in neutrals

As I've said it a couple of times, wearing a number of neutral pieces together can make you stand out, without 'standing out'. Nothing in my outfit is loud - no bright colours, nothing layered ridiculously. It just all fits. Putting something together that mixes neutrals together can be your best friend! 

4. Layer it in

Following on from neutrals, the best and easy way to get noticed is layering in a number of key pieces together and topping it off with some accessories. 

You can do it, I believe in you.

What I Wore:
Reiss shirt
Bonds singlet
Levi's 501 denim
Vans slip ons
Triwa watch
Double U Frenk rings and necklaces
Lack of Color hat