Light & Bright for a Hot Summer's Day

Wearing White on a hot Summer's day

Words by Billy George

There has been a long standing quote I've heard a million times that reads something along the lines of ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule? What the hell America! What does that even mean? Why do Americans insist on the ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule?

It is absolutely absurd to Australians. Well, I should say it's the most baffling and outdated fashion rule in the book. No white clothing after a specific day of the year. Yet, it's apparently a rule any American fashionista abides by and dare not rebel against. Why after Labor day, specifically? 

So I dug a little bit to find out what it actually refers to, cause god know I have no idea; neither does Australia. It seems the origin of the saying comes from the early 1900s, a time where formalities in clothing were strict and varied appropriately to the season. It was etiquette. Wearing white meant you were on trend and wealthy, well wealthy enough to not care that you may soil the white fabrics in scorching summer sun. Since Labor day was the unofficial end of the season in the US, white became a summer-specific statement without exceptions. 

Well. There you go. I'm still not sure if it's heavily followed in America, but I have got to say that in Melbourne, you may experience four season of weather in a day - so wearing white in 'Summer' can turn torrential. 

Wearing white shouldn't be overthought too much, neither should it seem tacky. A simple pair of white chinos and a white tee can take you into another dimension with such a look. They key for me on such a statement outfit is how you accessorise it. A contrasting hat for me was a solid choice but you can easily substitute it for a baseball cap.

On days I'd normally be seen wearing blue, white becomes the Summer staple.

What else? Think about wrist-bling (as I like to call it)! A watch, maybe some rings, a bracelet. To finish it all off, a nice simple pair of white leather sneakers is how you do it! If it's too much, a pair of sneakers in a contrasting colour works just as well, just don't over do it or over think it!


United Arrows & Sons white t-shirt
Uniqlo white joggers
Lacoste sneakers
Akubra Squatter hat
Triwa Neville watch

Billy Georgopoulos