Sunday Funday


A Sunday Spent Cruisin' to the beach

Words by Billy George

After a sudden jolt, I was suddenly I awoke by my dog jumping on my bed and licking my face. It was way past his normal time to go for a walk. How could I deny him further! Time for his walk! Stepping out into the crisp sunshine, I couldn't help but smile. It looked like an amazing day and I had no plans what so ever so it was going to be a hell of 'me' time today! 

It was mid morning by the time I stepped through the door again. After a shower and a picking out my new Tommy Jeans vintage tee from Tommy Hilfiger the day before, I saw a message from a close friend!

Brunch time! It's a busy time of the year for a lot of people and a lot of my friends aren't really able to just pick up and go out for brunch or a coffee to hang out so this was a rare moment I couldn't help but snatch up! 

We hit up a local cafe that she had tried and recommended. Being a man of a cultural background - Spanish baked eggs, or any form of it, is one of my favourite breakfasts to have. Regardless of how hot it is, it's always something I adore. 

We spent  most of the rest of the morning chit-chatting, catching up on our weeks gone by and what we've been up. I always find breakfast is a great way to catch up with friends, you're always positive after having a delicious coffee in your hand and the prospect of having even better food in your stomach. I'm looking back at this now with hungry eyes. Yum! And trust me, it was even better than it looked! Melbourne's coffee and brunch scene is something else! Soon after noon, we said bye and after realising that I had nothing else on for the day, something my friend said caught me and was ringing true in my ear. She was heading off to meet her boyfriend by the beach to go for a cycle in the nice weather. 

I always have a towel in my boot for those random moments you just want to pick up and go for a drive to the beach no matter where you are. These were one of those moments! So I started off in Port Melbourne and just drove along with both windows down and the sunroof open to blow in the beautiful beach air. The salty smell after not having been anywhere near the sand and the surf for a year was refreshing to say the least. I ended up driving right along Beach Road - It's a quiet and twisty road that gives you some nice views with pubs, cafe's and look outs along the way. 

One of the main areas I love along the way is Mentone, so I pulled aside and grabbed my gear and headed to the Mentone Surf Club area. What a view! I love this beach area specifically because my parents would bring us (my brother and I) here nearly every weekend in the Summer while we were kids. It's peaceful and quiet; never rowdy! I plonked myself on a picnic table and just sat around sketching for about 30 mins before I headed to sit on the sand and relax. Couldn't ask for anything better! While it was only about an hour that I spent relaxing by the swelling water, I got myself up and back to my car for my drive back home.

10 Dec.jpg

After a 45 minute expedition, I realised that my Aunt and Uncle were over visiting. It's not often I get to see them so it's always a good little catch up! We don't have a lot of family here in Australia beyond my brothers and sister (and their families). A lot are in Greece so any family time I get to spend, I cherish. Yet since they had already been over a while, they were soon off to make their way back home. By this time, it was the mid afternoon and time to walk the dog; Teddy's favourite time of the day! 

Since the beautiful day was still launching it's way into the evening, I grabbed him and drove to a nearby trail that we both love to explore. It's almost like you escape the city and the noise associated with it! The trail itself takes you along the old train lines where in the 1890s (up until the 1930s), a steam train used to cart passengers across the inner east suburbs of Melbourne. While the tracks and platforms are long gone, the path and surrounding foliage are still in tact and converted into parklands to preserve a little bit of Melbourne's history! It's quite something else!

What a way to work up a sweat on a Sunday! Teddy was exhausted after over an hours worth of exploring. Once fed & I got showered, time for dinner and drinks with our work team at the Cafe! My brother and his girlfriend opened a cafe over a year ago and it's great to see it flourish. After a long year of hard work, they decided we all needed to blow off some steam so we all got together after hours and sat in their back courtyard to have a couple of drinks and some food. It's always good getting out of work-mode and getting into a more casual atmosphere where you all get along. 

Sunday's always pass us by way too quickly. I'm not sure how that happens! Time flies when you're having fun.

What I Wore
Greek Fisherman's Cap from Strand Hatters
Rayban Clubmaster sunglasses
Tommy Hilfiger Tee
G-Star denim

Billy Georgopoulos