The Excitement is Building

The Day Before I Become a Jet Setter

Words by Billy George

The anticipation is building and you have no idea how ecstatic I am. I am T-minus 1 day out on my adventure to Tokyo and I'll 10 whole days of exploring the streets and ample food adventures to keep me busy! Are you jealous? You should be!

This trip to Tokyo has legitimately been on a whim. It all started a few weeks ago (not even joking - completely last minute), where I was watching a number of Japanese cooking shows on Netflix. Remembering my trip from last September, I was deep in remembrance of the amazing food that I can remember eating that was being shown on the screen at the same time. That was a Saturday. The very next day, I had caught up with my cousin for dinner as he had just got back himself from a 10 day trip to Tokyo. We talked about all the places he visited, he showed me photos of unique spots (we're both hobby photographers so we relate on a lot of things).

That's it. I was gone. The next day I got approval from work and the day after I was booked. I had instantly confirmed the flights and had gotten the AirBnb reservation I wanted. I was walking on air. As time got closer, I became a bit nervous but more from anticipation than anything else. It was to be my first solo trip in a very long time so I was a bit unsure of myself but I shook the feelings away and just thought about all the places I would visit and the ample food I was to swallow. 

Now that it's a day away, I'm beyond myself. Just the day's worth of work to get through, some last minute packing of items then off bright and early. Wish me a safe flight!

What I Wore:
Jack London leather jacket
SHIPS knit
Cos tee
Scotch & Soda trousers
Gstar boots
Triwa watch
Bailey Nelson specs

Billy Georgopoulos