Product of Immigration


City Life for A Country Greek

Words by Billy George

When it comes down to it, I'm a pretty simple dude. I like things that are quite minimal, especially when it comes to fashion. While I wear a lot of details, the overall theme isn't very technical. So when it comes to keeping it simple, a few statement pieces are exactly what you need.

My parents both immigrated to Australia about 40 years ago. It was all for a better life for themselves and their future; they truly succeeded at this. They worked impossibly hard to get to where we are today. While growing up, you never really notice this - I was just an innocent kid running around with a football or cricket bat playing with the Aussie kids.

While my high school career flowed by swimmingly, it wasn't till the later years that you sit down and talk shop with the folks. You don't tend to just sit there and talk with your parents as a teenage or during your early 20s because your priority is to have fun. Now? That's all changed. I've become much more of a 'family oriented' person and in saying that, we've had some pretty deep conversations about life in Australia in the 70s. I'll tell you what - it was tough from what I hear.

My parents both came from different country towns where you knew everyone and what they did. My mum's from up north while my dad is in a small beach-side town in the south. While they met in Australia, coming to a bustling and expanding city that was in the midst of its progressive boom and economic uncertainty (it was a time of financial hardship with the GFC). There were many a times where they would scrounge around the back of the heavily-used couch for change just to get milk and bread for us to reach. There were no such things as dining out or getting takeaway - who could afford that?!

Coming from that background, it's kind of inbuilt in yourself to appreciate the little things in life. The contemporary classics that are timeless and minimal. So when it comes to fashion - it's all about things like simple white shirts, loafers and caps. 

White shirts for me are a staple. My wardrobe has about 10 minimum at any time and I tend to update and rotate them quite often. In the summer, of course, the linen shirts come out and the winter sees the more textured heavy cotton and well-structured shirts to keep you warmer. Loafers? Well what can I say - it's a gentleman's game really! Who doesn't love a quality pair of suede or leather loafers you can rock it in the summer with. When worn with slimline trousers or denim, you can really elevate an effortless look. But to top it all off? A Greek fisherman's cap. Why the hell not?

I spend a lot of my waking hours with a lid on my head, and sometimes taking a break away from wearing my Akubra's or Stetsons means that I get to try different things and pair with many other combinations. This navy piece comes from the lads at Strand Hatters who sourced these directly from Greece - not just a knock-off made in another part of the world. 

What ever you do, KISS it! Keep It Simple Stupid!

What I Wore
Greek Fisherman's cap from Strand Hatters
MJ Bale white shirt
G-Star denim
Christian Kimber loafers
Triwa watch
Bailey Nelson specs