A Tailored White Tee

Every t-shirt tells a story. Product supplied by Citizen Wolf.

citizen wolf white tshirt

A White Tee is like a Love Affair


Words by Billy George. Photos by Arch Drakos.

Scenario: You're out for dinner with some friends and as a group, you decided to go to a local area known for it's range of restaurants. You're all in that mood where you're undecided on the cuisine and you're all pretty 'go with the flow' kind of people. You stumble across a couple but quickly move on before you're ushered in. Then one takes your fancy and your convince your friends to try it. The place looks clean and tidy, the food that's being consumed by other patrons looks and smells nice.

Should be a winner right? Well then you down and the waiter brings you a menu and holy shit, you may as well just give up. It's about 25 pages long in size 8pt font crammed from top to bottom in options. Rice dishes, mains, entrees. It's endless. How do you choose? You then look worryingly at your friends and you can tell everyone is feeling the same way so you joke about it. The joke goes down well. Score. As a collective, you end up having to tell the barrage of waiters to come back in a few minutes until you all decide what to eat. 

Sound familiar?

The increased focus in menswear and grooming has seen a flourish of brands and countless pieces available in multitudes of fabrics, cuts, shapes, and of course, sizes. Yet that can leave you lost for words. Choosing the right t-shirt becomes just as daunting as that restaurant. You could go to your local discount store and pick up a couple of quick tees that you could wear about the house that probably wont last long or you can just as easily spend a fortune at one of your favourite brands. 

white tshirt

The perfect white tee is like a monstrous love affair that always eludes you.

For ever since I can remember, I've been obsessed with white t-shirts. It's a classic and timeless wardrobe staple that general consensus would show that most have in their wardrobes. Styling t-shirts is fun. I used to live in button ups but now I don't even remember the last time I formally wore a shirt. So being able to put an outfit together, be it casual day out and about or a formal day at the office, it's an absolute necessity to find the right way to wear a t-shirt to suit you. 

So how do you start? It's not easy and it's been a bloody long journey. It's a lot of trial and error. Even more so, a lot of your hard-earned dollars spent figuring out what is right for you. With so many damned options to choose, the very first step you should consider is actually going about and asking some friends. Well not just any friend but those that are semi interested in dressing prim and proper - they don't necessarily have to be into fashion or menswear, just know how to wear the clothes on their back well. They'll most likely have tried a number of brands already and would be most likely to share their wisdom with you. If you're good friends and you see them often, you'll also get a good idea on how those t-shirts are styled too! 


Which brings me to my next point. Style. Yep - style. Being able to pin-point how you want it to fit not just your body shape, but the way you wear your clothes is important. That same tee can be worn a number of ways - tucked in, loosey goosey, layered - the options are plenty. Continue your research into what you think that perfect gem of a t-shirt would be. That can take a little while. 

james dean

Well, the next part is the fun part. Go out and actually buy a couple of tees in different cuts from your first choice. Check out how they last. How do they come up after a couple of washes? Or are they preshrunk? Do they warp? Discolour? Does the collar droop? You get my drift. While you're figuring out the quality, you'll also be deciding on whether it layers well with that shirt or sweater, how well it blends with a coat. Does it actually work together? The questions are endless and only you can answer that. 

It sounds daunting. I would know. I've gone through so many t-shirt brands and have a current range of alternating ones to wear based on how I'm feeling (style wise) or what I'm doing that day.

Now kids. Let me save you some heartache and pain. In comes Citizen Wolf. First impressions always last right? Well I was left almost gob smacked at the choice. They have that perfect range that is just enough for you sit there a while looking at the difference between each one, but not too much where you're left scratching your head and spending the next three hours scrolling through pages on the web store. 

The styles, from what I can tell, are loosely based around some of my favourite icons in fashion. Elvis. Beckham. Then it's moulded into that modern style that we all love. Custom fit is the standard? Hell yeah it is! You can tweak up to 12 separate measurements. Who's ever seen that before?

Something that's also important to me is supporting local. Every single t-shirt is cut and sewn to perfection by their very own team (I believe in Sydney) from fabrics sourced in Melbourne. 

What I Wore:
Citizen Wolf tee
Jack London leather jacket
Edwin denim
Greek fisherman's cap
Yves Saint Laurent boots
Bailey Nelson specs