Thursday Blues

Thursday blues

Ducking In-n-out to change for meetings you forget you had that day @ work

Words by Billy George

Do you ever go somewhere and get the distinct feeling like you've forgotten something? You pat your pant pockets but your wallet and phone are there. It's almost the same feeling that you get when something is on the tip of your tongue and you're trying for your life to remember. What the hell?! Or am I the only one? It's a shit feeling! 

Well, Thursday has creeped around real quick and my day is filled with a bunch of meetings for work, both in person and on the phone. What does that mean? I kind of have to look a bit more 'presentable' than what I would normally wear. I can't just wear jeans, sneakers and a tee to work everyday (challenge accepted). 

I do find I push the bounds of our 'corporate attire policy'. Not that we really have one but you get the idea. What you see on my Instagram and throughout my blog isn't anything different to what I wear to work on a lot of days. My role isn't client/customer facing so I'm not required to look prim and proper everyday; just those specific days I have something on. 

It's funny though - I got dressed in the morning like I had nothing on for the day (and by nothing on, I mean no meetings). Little did I know that I had a couple of external meetings I needed to get out to. Shit. 

I only live about a 10 minute drive from the office. Ducking out quickly for thirty minutes to dress appropriately wasn't a difficult task.

It was a matter of swapping out my sneakers for my classic leather shoes I got gifted from family in Greece. The shoes themselves are so comfortable - the softest leather you'll ever feel. I'm actually a little upset as the sole is starting to wear thin, I'm hoping that I can take it to a shoe repairer to replace as the leather upper is still in great condition! 6 years and counting, I'm yet to give them the proverbial boot. 

What next? Well, a shirt to start with, since I already had my navy denim on, a simple checkered blue shirt was in order. Layered under an almost charcoal grey knit, it paired beautifully with my blue overcoat. 

What I Wore:
MJ Bale shirt
HM knit
Oxford Shop coat
Edwin denim
Bailey Nelson specs
Triwa watch
Brown loafers (branding long since worn out)