Tommy Hilfiger

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Varsity Styling in
Tommy Hilfiger

Words by Billy George

I still remember to this day, the very first moment I laid my eyes on this beautiful knit cardigan. I fell deeply in love with it as it sat endearingly on the rack at my local department store about, hmmm, maybe eight years ago. I even remember the reason I got it! For layering! I had just discovered the new street style trend of wearing knit cardigans under blazers at the time and just wanted to get my hands on something that would allow me to try the trend. 

I had just come back from my trip to New York at the time too, so street style was very new to me. I had then started off my Tumblr as well and was heavily into following the latest street trends that city had to offer. I was hooked. Deeply hooked. 

After about two years of on and off again wearing, I must have stashed this good thing deep into the depths that is my wardrobe and forgot about it. 

"How did you forget about Tommy H," a good friend of mine remarked at my post on Instagram. She was right. How could I forget!? 

After a while, you drown out some unique pieces with the amount of clothes you collect. It happens. It's inevitable.

Standing in front of my wardrobe already wearing blue jeans and white tee in search of a jacket or coat to wear, I spotted a navy blue knit that I didn't recognise at the time. Safe to say, I recalled a good trip to NYC and my love for the cardigan when I had first gotten it. I was in love. Again.

What I Wore:
Tommy Hilfiger varsity knit
United Arrows & Sons tee
Edwin denim
Country Road shoes
Triwa watch