Trend Alert: Silk Shirts

silk shirts

The 70s are Back!

Words by Billy George

Seventies-inspired shirts are making a comeback, and I couldn't be more excited! The thing is, you either love them or hate them, but don't fight the fire when I say they're fast coming back into fashion. Summer in Europe was exciting to see from afar. While I gawked from behind the computer screen at the likes of Vogue Runway, WWD, Hypebeast (yep - event Hypebeast), along with following along on the many bloggers and photographers on Instagram, I noticed a growing, almost pyjama-like, trend. The silk shirt. 

It's gaining strength, and fast. H&M x Erdem's collection featured a number of silk long sleeve shirts that were so outrageous, yet so so so necessary right now. Whether you go for the shorter sleeved cut or the long sleeve ensemble, would you really wear silk? Why not! It's a fabric that has been around for centuries that suits the modern silhouette. The figure-hugging clasp yet flowing nature that silk has really accentuates the physique without looking too 'tight' or like you've just walked out of the gym. It's a material used on the slinky side of men's accessories - think ties, pocket squares and even socks! Now's the time for the shirt!

Push away the feminine association, it's something that conjures up the thoughts of a badass drug lord sipping cocktails in his villa in some tropical paradise. Unbuttoned, swim shorts and slides to top it off. A pair of sunnies too. I'm a true lover of prints, a classic print goes a long way. Takeaway the drug dealer aesthetic and it conjures up a very Hawaiian feel without looking tacky. A statement piece without making a bold statement. Burn burn, disco inferno!

So, how do you wear it? Simple! A pair of khaki chino & white sneakers does the trick. How about blue jeans, a singlet and slides - bling it up with some necklaces and rings to finish it all off. The summer months can get quite hot, especially in Melbourne so if it's too hot for denim, think pleated linen trousers & loafers. The choices are endless! The one thing to remember? Well the silk shirt is already the statement piece so please don't wear anything that clashes with it - you'll look daggy! 

What I Wore
Reiss silk shirt
Zara white tee
United Arrows & Sons chinos
Lacoste white sneakers
Bailey Nelson specs
Coach sling bag
Triwa watch