Wearing in a Comfortable New Year

After a night of drinking, it's time for comfort!

Words by Billy George
Photos by Bennet Alexander

The biggest night of the calendar year has come and gone. New Years. It's a blast! But waking up with the dreaded hangover is something I do not look forward to much at all! I don't think many of us do. 2016 was a hard year of realisation for me. I woke up and smelt the roses, so a couple of stiff drinks in memoriam were necessary.

So after spending most of the night elbow deep in Mojitos and Espresso Martini's, I woke up with a dreaded headache and zero motivation to move. Wallowing in bed the entire day wasn't possible, unfortunately. With dog duties, a family lunch and dinner plans with friends, I seriously needed to pull myself together. 

After a long and arduous shower, that was well required, I sat cross legged in-front of my vast wardrobe of piled up clothes. Shit. What to wear... 

Well. Something comfortable was the first thing that to mind, which is exactly the point I saw them. My pair of knitted joggers. Light, comfortable and stylish. They add a unique touch that you don't often see. Coming together with the henley long-sleeve and plaid coat, I was ready to take on the day. 

The cross-hatched knit joggers are a close fibre twist of white, cement grey and hues of blue. Something I picked up whilst in Osaka's Horie district. Orange St is packed with street wear classics, from Supreme through to XLarge. A must visit for anyone! Paired with the white Adidas NMD's, it makes for a simple look that anyone can pull off quite easily. 

The henley adds to the overall theme. The white of the shoes crossed with the grey tones of the joggers is then complemented with the white long-sleeve henley. Again, comfortable and versatile.

It's a typical Melbourne day. Those of you from Melbourne will understand how it goes from stinking hot to drizzling cold. A coat was necessary. But what? Ah huh! From the corner of my eye, I spotted my plaid overcoat. Something I hadn't worn in a very long while. 

With a woollen collar, unfortunately not Shearling, it adds to the overall white and grey outfit yet brings some muted colour. The patches of red are blended into the black blocks, ensuring the pop of vibrance is not overbearing.

What more could you ask for? A hat to match?

I was not very likely to put much effort into creating a masterpiece, that is to say, doing my hair. Such effort was not likely today so a hat was necessary. I substituted my usual Akubra with a short brim cap, black with white lettering. Brilliant.

White I Wore:

Ebbetsfield Cap
Gant Henley Long Sleeve
Industrie Coat
TCSS Knit Joggers
Adidas NMD
DoubleUFrenk rings
Triwa Watch