My Week in Sydney


A Sydney
Fashion Diary

Words by Billy George

Ahhh Sydney. There's something about you that I just love and every visit brings forth some kind of excitement. The early, and I mean early, wake up calls and drive to the airport through frosty Melbourne is made of pure happiness, knowing that in a couple of hours I'd be able to call Sydney home even if it's only for a couple of days. 

So I get sent to Sydney a couple of times of year for work. Now for work? Well I'm a senior marketing exec at a global technology company, so some of the perks that come with the fancy title means I get to go interstate quite often. Hopefully that turns to international travel. There are offices in the US, UK & Mexico that I'd love to visit! I mean, who wouldn't! 

What I Wore >>>
H&M tee
Gstar denim
Levi's bandana
Lacoste sneakers
Troy O'Shea engineers cap
Bailey Nelson specs

Now work isn't as glamorous as I may be painting this picture right now. I work with a great team but it took a lot out of me when I first transitioned into the team coming from another 'brand' they own. I mean it when I say that, I've worked my ass off but getting your point across when you're the newbie didn't seem to go down well. By all means, I'm no newbie experience wise, just the new guy in the team. So while it felt like I was the coffee b*tch for a while, it started to get more and more positive as the time went. It became about building the trust as positive results began trickling in from the projects I was involved in.

<<< What I Wore
Country Road shirt
Edwin denim
Ralph Lauren denim jacket
Country Road suede derby's
Rayban specs

But that's who I am as a person. I'm quiet persevering. I see things through no matter the hardship.

Anyways, enough of my bullshit!

When I do travel to Sydney, I tend to pack light. It's never anything bulky that I can't fit into an overnight bag. One thing I hate about interstate travel is lugging baggage behind me, especially for a work trip. I'm lucky enough that our dress code is quite simple and easy to follow so rocking around in denim and a shirt is easy enough. I also tend to pack the easily layered items together - this tends to limit my personal experience with blues as I've just got so much of it. It all comes down to the no-brainer combinations. Everything that I pack into my bag can easily be worn together. No matter what. No questions asked. 

Well, I kind of lied just then. I don't pack just blues - white, for obvious reasons, is the perfect go to with denim. Next? Well of course - black! A simple black button up can take you a long way. Especially when considering you can make it a casual affair. 

What I Wore >>>
Zara tee
H&M shirt
Edwin denim
Country Road suede derby's
Levi's bandana
Troy O'Shea engineers cap

Maybe I'm doing the whole interstate travel thing wrong, I don't know, nor do I care. I think it all comes down to your work circumstances. You obviously can't rock up to work like I do when you work at a lawyers office, or your local doctors. Professionalism goes a long way and as they always say, first impressions always last. Just take that into consideration before you pack your bags. Otherwise they may just send you 'packing'.