Work Day Classics

The staple, denim jean & shirt combo.

Words by Billy George

Sometimes, you just wake up on the wrong side of bed, and I'm not generally talking about being in a bad mood. What I'm referring to is when you've woken up in a bit of a spritely panic. You don't know where you are. You check your phone to switch off the alarm to realise you're so dead tired that you can't fathom another day outside of the comfort of your bed, duvet and all. 

After the snooze alarm has gone off another three times, it's finally time to actually drag your ass out of bed. Literally. Sometimes my feet don't cooperate with me in the morning, so the painful steps to the bathroom to de-robe my pyjamas and jump into the warm waterfall can be tough. I think you get the idea. 

Now, after the basics of getting ready are complete (hair, teeth, moisturiser, etc.), it's time to get into something that will let me look a little more clean cut than I looked before the shower. Well, the real delay now is the sit in front of the vast wardrobe of clothes. What to wear... what to wear...

In such occasions, which happens all too often, I call upon my special superhero powers. It's the uncanny ability to always end up in jeans and slim cut shirt when I feel like crap. It's uncanny. But it works in my favour.

Country Road slim-fit shirt
GStar denim
Aquila suede chelsea boots
Michael Kors watch
Rayban glasses