Creamy Smooth

How to Style Creamy Street Wear Inspired Summer Looks

Words by Billy George

Summer in Melbourne is finally in full swing. It took it's sweet ass time but hooray for some deliciously sunny warmth. Basking in the summer glow (Yeah I said it!) is one of my favourite past times. Just got to watch the heat dial isn't turned way up and you end up a burnt crisp! With Summer, comes the awful inability to wear nearly half of your wardrobe. It's such a huge inconvenience! I'm a person who loves Winter for the wardrobe you can wear.

But that doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun with the lighter side of things. Picking your go-to Summer look is important, sticking with it can be even harder. This time round for me? Easy breezy beautiful short-sleeve shirts in a variety of fabrics to help add depth and a bit of fun. 

In a previous blog article, I covered how 70s inspired silk shirts are back. Today is a little along those lines!

Except one major difference - you may not be a fan of silky shirts. It's not for everyone, I can definitely understand that! Well I'm here for y'all that want something a bit more easy going or less 'in your face' as some may say. The next best thing, aside from silk, is light weight cotton. Go to your local shopping strip or mall and you'll find them everywhere, ranging in different cuts, style, patterns & colours. 

There's a reason. Cotton is lightweight and breathable. For Summer? Perfect!

The other bonus is the fact that nearly every brand and retailer have a whole heap of them in stock, that it's so easy to find something you'd like. Whether you're after something floral and Hawaiian inspired, or something with a bit more structure or colour blocked. So I hope you get the fact that I'm a huge advocate of short-sleeved shirts. Well, now lets get on with it!


Cream. Tan. Camel. The variations of the lighter brown shade brings with it a certain versatility and glow for the warmer months. Luckily, the resurgence of the colour in fashion week's street style, it's become easy to find a whole bunch of options to slap together. Your first stop should be a pair of chinos. Of course! These pair, though you can't see it too well in the photos, have a slight dimpled pattern that give it a bit of depth, so it's not just solid colour.

That comes to the second point - it's not always about the colour. Texture plays a huge part in an outfit. It's why I love silky tops that you can wear draped over a singlet or tee - it adds a certain depth and perspective you subtly notice (if you're paying attention). As they always say, the devil is in the detail - than texture is purely a satanic move. To finish it off, I've cuffed up the chinos to show the ankle. Sassy move! Chinos aren't your only choice though - linen trousers, with the pleats, are a perfect way to avoid denim. It's too hot for denim. 

The next step is obvious. A white tee with the right cut is exactly what you need. What's the right cut? Well dear reader, something a little longer than your normal regular-fit tee that pops out a bit lower than the shirt you put on. Why? Layers! Stacking up is the quintessential rule to layering and regardless if it's 'Too Hot?!', it's something that just has to get done. Quite your whining - substitute a slim fitting singlet and voila, a cooler and breezier feel. It's something I've never done before, but wearing the 'Chesty Bond' singlet under a shirt that's left unbuttoned. If you're Aussie, you'll know what I mean. It's becoming a bit of the rage it seems! 

For this Bailey's inspired look, I've obviously opted for this structured cotton mechanics shirt. The fit is immaculate and it is beyond perfect for that casual look. The embroidered front patch and rear panel adds to the overall aesthetic, whilst the cuffed sleeves compliment the cuffed trousers. Matchy Matchy! It's funny though - I've already written up so much about the rest of the outfit that for the statement piece, I've run out of words! 

Lets end it on a high note - accessories. I've opted for these Espadrilles that I picked up the other day. Don't forget the watch and sunglasses!

What I Wore:
Schott NYC mechanics shirt
United Arrows & Sons tee
Zara chinos
Polo Ralph Lauren espadrilles
Rayban sunglasses
Triwa watch