Finding Inspiration

Hello, inspiration? Is it me you're looking for?

Words by Billy George - Photos by Arch Drakos

Like some Disney Pixar kids movie, finding your inspiration can be difficult. To be totally honest with all of you reading this right now, I'm struggling hard. It's been about a year now since my last vacation, work has been flat chat, and I've had literally no time to get creative beyond my routine 'content creation' for my blog.

I'm ok when I'm in routine mode, but sitting in routine mode 24/7 isn't fun, especially when you like to call yourself a dedicated creative individual. I have multiple outlets - I think that's an important factor in my motivation and demotivation. On one hand, I'll get excited and pick up my sketchbook and want to draw, but other days, it can become a drag and I don't want to even consider the option. 

This past weekend was especially good for two reasons. 1) It was our Easter long weekend meaning we had Friday and Monday off (hooray for 4 day weekends!); and 2) I got out and about with a friend in search of inspiration. Well let me tell you, you find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. 

Melbourne has some more raw, degentrified areas still out there where the architecture is 60s/70s and untouched, the streets filled with life and culture. It's the everyday hustle of the outer suburb areas that really get you to see what Melbourne, or Australia, is actually about. Culture! Our plan was to drive about. We definitely did plenty of that! We stopped at an old motel looking set of apartment blocks that looked like they were straight out of California. With the colour schemes all pastel and light on tones, yet featuring bold highlights, really made for some retro looking photos. We kept going.

Next up? We stopped a local hot spot well known for Lebanese cuisine - A1 Bakery. Well let me tell you! Holy shit the place was not only bumping but they were pumping out delicious pizza and borek (and heaps of other options) that had us drooling. Having quenched our hunger and sipped down a Turkish coffee, we made our way off again. Well. This may be a tad surprising - an aquarium about 15 minutes down the road. being a public holiday, a lot of places were shut but this business was open right through. 

The illumination of the coral against UV light was beyond incredible. The clown fish popping in and out of the anemones was beyond cute. The live rock brimming with minuscule details. The life of each tank really showed an ecosystem in one small space. Everything had its place in the tank. Then the colours of all the living species of fish and coral blended together so beautifully. I think we sat around looking at the displays and talking shop for around an hour. 

I'll I'm going to say, and to quote my friend Arch, "You'll find inspiration in the unlikely of places, if you only know where to look". Well, something along those lines.

To the right, are a number of photos I took off my crappy iPhone. I tend to take a lot of quick snaps off my phone when I'm out and about rather then taking my bulky camera. It's my way of location scouting, like a lot of people do! 

What I Wore
Academy Brand long sleeve striped tee
Topman overcoat
Gstar denim
Saucony sneakers
Troy O'Shea dockers cap
Triwa watch