Natural Selection

When something catches your eye

Words by Billy George

I'm not going to lie to you, and for those that are avid shoppers, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about - well and hopefully feel my pain! Along with the burden to my wallet too! Sometimes, you're out and about enjoying your day and something inexplicably catches your eye. For some people, it's someone they're instantly attracted too. For others, it could be something absolutely delicious sitting in a cafe window.

For me? It's usually some piece of clothing that I can't get out of my head. While I do drool at donuts at my favourite cafes and might ogle at a pretty girl strutting her stuff down the street - walking away from something that I really could see myself wearing for a very long time to come, seems to be the hardest kinds of things to pass up!

In this exact instance, I'm mostly talking about the hoodie I picked up while out and about on a weekend trip to Sydney. I had gotten to Bondi Junction via train and decided to browse the mall there before grabbing a bus down to the beach and boom, there it was. This beautiful three-coloured piece from one of my favourite brands. Better yet? It was 30% off! Talk about winning! All I'm gonna say is I was carrying around a shopping bag to the beach - at least I didn't put it straight on! 

I have no idea what really catches my eye with things like this, but it's definitely a FOMO moment - fear of missing out on amazing pieces to add to my wardrobe staples. 

What I wore
Levi's hoodie
Nudie denim
White tee
adidas Iniki sneakers
Bailey Nelson specs
Triwa watch

Billy Georgopoulos