Spring is in the air?

February Brings With It Some Spring Weather

Words by Billy George

It's the middle of February in Melbourne and the days are starting to wind closer to what Spring generally feels like. The problem with that is once Summer is done, it's onto Autumn (Fall for you Americano's). 

The Summer in Melbourne can get a little confusing! One minute it's hotter than hell itself, the next it's crispier than a night on the top of a mountain cap in the middle of Winter. The window has been sneaking in some pollen too making it unbearable at times!

I'm crying wolf a little, but let me tell you that even my dog has been suffering a tad too. While human's get stuffy blocked nasal cavities, itchy eyes and a stuffy head, dogs tend to get very very itchy and irritated skin so the poor thing spent a good week a while back running around like a nutter trying to get relief. You do what you can to keep him comfortable but their's only so much you can do, even after ointments and creams. 


Spring weather is honestly one of my favourite seasons to dress for. It's a fun mix of layers that lets you play with a lot more than just heavy Winter coats or loose Summer choices. Variety is your friend in such times, but during the hotter months of the year, it can be hard. Well that is unless you live in Melbourne and truly live in a 'four seasons in one day' ethic. Melbournians will often tell you about the not-so-fabled weather. It's a common trait to wear more than what you should in case it gets cold, which most often than not happens! 

The mornings will see you shivering from the cold that has linger overnight. Once you're in the office, you'll peel off the coat for a comfortable day and once heading out for lunch, you'll grab your jacket for good measure. Next you'll welcome a bit of sweat as you realise it's not as cold as your remember it. This usually ends up with me slamming my jacket into the back seat and turning the A/C on to get some kind of relief. After thoroughly becoming acquainted with a can of deodorant, you get back to the office till the end of the day. The afternoon sun is still blazing yet once early evening hits, you're then brought back to reality with a cold snap that runs through to the next day. Can you sense my frustration?

Days like this can seem endless, with not much change in sight so the only thing you can do is pair a subtle outfit together to help you through the day. A biker jacket, albeit leather, can help you stay warm and keep you looking badass. A simple contrasting coloured shirt that acts as a mid-point in the outfit keeps you covered when the jacket becomes a bit too much. Still a little warm? Easy - just lead with the t-shirt! Your next point is easy breezy stretchy denim - not the raw kind as that can get quite uncomfortable. Something that fits the outfit but effortlessly plies to your body. Then pair it with your favourite boots and you're set!

What I Wore
Jack London leather jacket
Ralph Lauren shirt
United Arrows & Sons tee
Gstar denim
Jack London cubano boots
Triwa watch
Bailey Nelson specs