Summer Linens

The Magic of Linen Trousers in Summer

Words by Billy George

Summer can be a harsh environment filled with dangers that can only be encountered if you're forced to venture out of the hole you call your bedroom and into the wide open world. Unfortunately, we all have to make a living so aspiring to be a hermit in my bedroom isn't the best course to take in life.

Queue in linen pants. To be honest, it's not been anything I've ever owned before so I was never too sure how it'll scope out by the end of the day. I picked up this pair off the rack of a heavily reduced fast-fashion retailer just to get an idea of how they felt, how they worked and the like. I was a converter. I really did like the easy/breezy feel of them.

The fact that you can pair the light cream colour with both dress shoes and sneakers was a big win in my books. Today heavily featured browns in various textures - leather & suede to add to the overall feel of the outfit. I just realised. Each layer has a different material. Leather shoes. Suede jacket. Cotton shirt. Linen trousers. Mr Worldwide right here! 

Pairing in nicely was this collarless light blue and white stripped button up shirt. It kept on theme with the outfit by providing contrast to the jacket but blending in with the cream of the linen. A colour combination for the ages! If you don't know what I mean, read up on why tan/brown/cream work so well with blue on my article around understanding colours

What I Wore
Zara suede moto jacket
Zara linen trousers
Country Road collarless shirt
Double Monk Strap shoes
Triwa watch
Double U Frenk rings
Bailey Nelson specs