Sydney Trippin'

Cool & Casual City Summer Style

Words by Billy George


Every now and then, I get the opportunity to get up to Sydney for work. Even though it's only ever for a couple of days, it's always fun to get up and get down and dirty in the city I tend to let a little looser in. This time round, I was a little lucky that I got three days to work, and two days to play! Imagine that!

It was only in the last year and a half (or so) that I started travelling to Sydney. Before hand I never a) got the opportunity, or b) bothered to go for myself. I never did much for myself beyond stress and work. I've since grown to enjoy spending a couple of days working followed by a weekend to catch up with friends, explore the sites and indulge in some good ol' food. I dare say the food & cafe scene is starting to catch up with Melbourne - very impressed!

Being Greek, you grow up around food so visiting different spots and eating different cuisine is such an pleasure. Life without food? Imagine that! Lucky for me Sydney did bring the goods! But I'm not here to ramble on about food, live I've already done! 

When I travel, I tend to pack a couple of individual pieces that allow me to mix and match

together to put together a number of outfits. Think basics. To me, basics is a good mix of blues - light wash and navy that pairs so beautifully with white. Oh - and browns and the many hues of tan that come with it (including my skin - kidding!) The sheer simplicity of it all allows you to couple it together in one easy and effortless ensemble that can take your from work (button up the shirt and tuck it in dammit), to play (ayyyy I'm ready to go!). 

What I packed

I guess I'm also lucky in another way - the dress code for the offices in Melbourne and Sydney (and the others across the world I haven't been to yet) is quite relaxed. No ripped jeans, no shorts. A few other little rules but beyond that, it's pretty much a play it by ear kind of scenario - unless you're client facing. Then you have to make an effort! That's a given isn't it?

Well, As you can see above, I stuck true to my word. Bit of blue, bit of navy, bit of cream and little bit of everything else in between to bring it all together, or add a bit of flare. So. Let me run you through some of the must haves for me.

  1. Plain tees + print tees. Well - that's obvious right! Plain and casual for layering, print tees for statement looks. A must!
  2. 2x pairs of jeans. Yep - one light wash and one pure indigo - you need that option, especially considering that you can quite easily dress it up and down!
  3. Accessories. Bandana, rings, bracelets, hats, you get the idea! I usually mix it up and play around with the different options. 
  4. Dressier & casual shoes. One for work, the other for play. I tend to get around Sydney a bit so you can't do that in a pair of leather Italian loafers - it hurts!

The rest is obvious. I don't really need to diagnose absolutely everything, but the above four points are usually my cardinal rules of packing for a Summer escape to Sydney. Well, the 5th is a little embarrassing but it must be said - pack enough socks and jocks to last 2 more days than you're actually going!

What I Wore
Jack London linen shirt
United Arrows & Sons tee
Tommy Hilfiger denim
Massimo Dutti loafers
Triwa watch
Bailey Nelson specs