A Change of Course

Words by Billy George

leafy greens


As they say at nearly at every corner or every facet in life. "Variety is the spice of life". Mixing things up just to 'spice' up your routine is always a great way to see from a different point of view. Being creative, in a creative job, doing creative things outside of my 9-5, I can quite quickly feel stifled at times. The bounds of my brain sometimes don't let me go - a prisoner at times. Keeping myself motivated and ahead of the game can be difficult. Feeding my inspiration can be one of the only ways to keep my sanity. 

This variety can be a switch up in anything you do, and in my case today, what I wear. I have always shown my creativity to the world with what I wear. And mixing it up just shows that I'm more than what I wore the day before. More than my normal go to pieces. One thing that I never understood is how someone can just wake up, just grab anything 'clean' out of the wardrobe and go on with life. Jeans and a t-shirt. Chinos and an oxford shirt. It's not me - never has. Even with corporate dress codes, I always try and put on my own subtle flair. 

street style

I've always been my own person. My own character. If you've been following my Instagram or the articles throughout my blog, you would have already known that. Today's outfit, for one, isn't overly unique or super different to normal - after all, it's just a tee, slacks and a pair of sneakers. 

Here I am preaching about taking in a change, and here I also am saying it's not very different. Sometimes it's the smallest bits that help you change, and over time, you build the confidence to keep pushing. To keep becoming that one little bit better at something everyday. "Practice makes perfect". An ancient proverb that is so f*cking true to nearly anything in life. 

For me, the fact that I'm wearing trousers like this is very different to what I'd normally wear, especially with socks you'd normally pair with a suit. The tee tucked in just allows me to continue what It'd normally do with my jeans so I'm still me, but not me. Get it? Don't worry. I'm just as confused.

What I Wore
Topman t-shirt
Oxford slacks
Christian Kimber siglo sneakers
Polo Ralph Lauren socks
Bailey Nelson specs
Triwa watch