The King of LA

A trip that felt like a fairy tale

Words by Billy George

Once upon a time, about four years ago today on the dot, I was traversing the magical lands of California. It feels like an eternity since my trip that brought a lot of unique experiences, busted a lot of my anxiety and have since drawn countless inspiration in both my work and my fashion sense from the Los Angeles natives. 

California represents a sense of freedom to me. I couldn't pinpoint to you what exactly makes it that way, but it's mostly around the lifestyle. The easygoing nature of it all. The surf. The food. The downtown bars and cafes. The culture. It's a melting pot that works so well that Melbourne could really take a page out of Cali's books. It really is multiculturalism! Yes America has it's issues, much like Australia does, but this is not where I want this article to go or what I wish to cover at all.

The reason I'm writing this? Well it's now four years to the day that I was exploring California. My buddy Arch and I had spent about 16 or 17 blissful days in sun, driving about, visiting friends, checking out some rad stores and just eating everything under the sun! We did it quite well too, since we really didn't plan much at all (including accomodation), we took each day as it came and did what we wanted. It was one of the slowest holidays I've ever had and felt like it lasted a month! 

Food in review

Well, I'm all about food. Growing up within a household that worshiped bringing people together, especially family, around a dinner table makes you appreciate the finer points of cuisine. You appreciate the culture behind it and the stories that go along with it - like they always say, "it's about the journey, not the destination."

Eating your way through your holiday is a must! To say the least, I definitely did do that. I had my fill of burgers, chicken fried steak, chicken & waffles and much much much more! Peep this little slideshow of some of the eats I documented off my crappy phone at the time. My favourite? Well from memory and looking back at these photos was definitely between two:

  1. Burger from Five Guys
  2. Chicken & Waffles from Roscoe's

The Scenery

To be quite honest, Los Angeles and the wider California isn't too far off a lot of Melbourne's outer areas. Think Coburg and Sunshine but everyone drives on the wrong side of the road. It doesn't sound like I'm selling it well but the city is quite rustic. Graffiti ridden old buildings aren't too far off what you see browsing about Richmond and the street food is beyond amazing, similar to what you see about Springvale or Footscray. Both myself and those that I got around with weren't really into the whole touristy side of things so getting out and seeing the raw nitty-gritty nature of the state was perfect. Just picking a direction a lot of the times and just driving, taking the scenic route through to The Hills or even just rolling through Long Beach or Compton was a great way to see things!

Now I've got the travel but again, and I'm not too far off from booking something again!

What I Wore (in the top photoset)
LA Kings jersey
Tall tee
Levi's denim
Nike sneakers
Akubra Camp Draft hat
Rayban specs