What Goes? Episode 1: Trench Coats

What To Wear With A Timeless Classic

Words by Billy George

It's 2018. And it the spirit of the new year, I wanted to start up a little ongoing series. Why? Why not! Now I'm not classically trained or schooled in fashion. So everything on my blog and Instagram has definitely been from years of experimenting with fashion and style. Finding my footing and getting my own groove has been difficult. So I thought to myself this morning, hmmm. How can I share some of what I've learnt without seeming like a twit!?

Welcome to the very first episode of 'What Goes?'. Don't worry, I'm not sure about the name either! Today, I thought it'd be great to kick it off with one of the staples of menswear - the Trench Coat. My wardrobe consists of a number of these pieces in a variety of colours to suit my mood and my outfit - tan/camel, olive green, navy; you get the idea. 

trench coat

Now, let's go back to where it all started. Starting with a bit of the history behind the why might help us in our endeavour. The trench coat began it's life as an alternative to the heavy coats worn by the British and French during the First World War. Thomas Burberry (yep Burberry), developed the gabardine fabric in the 1870s and later worked with the Army to develop the officer's raincoat to the UK in 1901.

Much like a lot of mens clothing, ties to the military is strong. For example, the Flight Jacket! That's what gives us our biggest clue - for a classic piece, a traditional look is much of what is required! I often start from the pants, which today I've opted for a contrasted light wash denim to give some parallel to the colour of the coat. Next? A plain white tee under an unbuttoned navy shirt. Classic! On the feet, I've gone away from sneakers or dress shoes and gone back to the military inspired theme with a pair of heeled chelsea boots. Not traditionally a military boot, but it gives modern touch to a classic silhouette. 

Now this series not intended for you to follow what I've worn by the letter. Please don't do that. It is, instead, intended to inspire you to think outside of the box, and try putting something a tad different together. Something with a bit of history. 

What I Wore
Uniqlo x J.W.Anderson trench coat
Marcs shirt
AS Color tee
GStar denim
Jack London cubano boots
Triwa watch
Bailey Nelson specs