adidas Originals ‘Designer Project’ by White Mountaineering at Pitti Uomo

Words by Billy George

adidas Originals has had an amazing year this year. The yeezy collaboration has had bloggers and footwear followers in a frenzy and the footwear brand has been the most liked brand on social media, topping out Nike and the likes considerably. 

The theme? Design, Utility, Technology. The show took place on the 3rd day of Pitti Uomo in front of an impressive crowd, with the likes of Poggy, Ian Connor and Nick Wooster attending. The lighting works behind the models started as a big triangled white mountain made up of smaller triangles which then transformed and broke up around the each model wearing the adidas collection. 

The collection itself takes a very angular approach. The squared off pieces are very sharp to the point, fitting proportionally correct. The collection features a number different track pants, sweat shirts, hoodies and jackets all printed up with bold white angles that give great perspective. The colours are very neutral and very consistent with trends. The black, navy and green all contrast against each piece beautifully. Set apart with different white prints, the collection is truly great. 

The modern sportswear fame that has swept the street style game has continued into adidas Originals collection. All Fall/Winter pieces will be available in stores worldwide soon enough, so keep your eye out. 

Take a look at some more of the collection and crowd photos below!

Photos courtesy of Vanni Bassetti