Bally’s Fall Looks

Words by Billy George

The slightly loose silhouettes of the looks play a vital part to Capolla’s dream for this collection. The very uptempo and posh looks are brilliantly clashing against each other, with bold contrasting colours from one piece to the other. The colours are basic but they fit beyond contention. The simple patterns and colour blocking fit brilliantly with the footwear - which mix between tonal dress shoes through to white sneakers.

I was looking at that Peter Schlesinger book, Checkered Past, and I was imagining this gang of people, who right now you would consider all to be masters, but back in the day were up-and-coming, on the cusp, royals and dandies mixed with artists and rockers. There was this idea that you could mix anything.
— Pablo Capolla.

Peep some of my favourite looks below or check the full collection on Vogue Runway.