Gucci Goes 70′s Chic

Words by Billy George


The ’70s is the most powerful image, for me, for the brand,” stated Alessandro Michele. “The brand has a soul—and its soul is really that kind of ’70s moment.” 

This collection is great, yet not amazing. That’s just the thing though, Michele came in a year ago and turned the fashion house upside down - and to much acclaim, he did it. It worked. And he was awarded for it. What this collection does though is it reaffirms his and the brands new creative direction. It brings it back to the glory days of the 70′s and to success of when Tom Ford was at the helm. 

Its interesting with these collections though, because for some of the outfits, they’ll never actually be worn. But consumers will relate to it. It reminds them of times of the past, of era’s gone even if they weren’t alive then. It is what Michele has done and he’s killed it. 

Check out the full runway collection on Vogue.