Happy Birthday, You Stylish Bastard

Ryan Reynolds. 40 and still young at heart

Words by Billy George

This man has been on our television screens for as far back as I can remember. From Two Guys and a Girl, to Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds has played his persona well. His real world persona, is starkly different to what you see him on screen, portrayed in jeans, a t-shirt and a flannel. 

It's definitely no lie when it's send that he has a men's wear magic eye. Going where not many other actor's of his calibre go, the man himself knows how to dress himself. Not scared to go bold, his classy modern gentleman's look takes him from the workplace to the airport checked and balanced beautifully. 

From wearing dark navy to light tan suits, his heart is in what he wears. In an ode to my main man, I've brought to you a collection of some of his best recent looks. Enjoy my stylish friends.