Interior Design-spiration; A Forever obsession

Some simple ways to gain inspiration for your home decor

Words by Billy George

We spend at least half our lives at home. Whether you're relaxing on the couch after a hard day or whizzing up a frenzy in the kitchen; our homes are designed as modern day castles. Society tells us to subscribe to the dream of home ownership, yet we're facing an unambitious drought of interior flair. Imagine waking up to the same old sheets day in, day out. I think it's time to wake up on the right side of the bed, and get some life flowing back into our homes.

You may be a well-off bachelor looking for an urban man-scape, or a stay-at-home child friendly place; making your house a home takes a bit of pizzaz - some personal flair is required. I get it, we all get ourselves into ruts we don't even realise. You hear about artist's falling into despair or writer's battling writer's block. But you've fallen deeper into a stale scourge that can make for a dismal affair that is your home. Especially when entertaining is a common occurrence. 

So, how do you know you're in a rut? Well, take a step back, look around. What's your initial thoughts? Yep. You guessed right. Nothing makes sense, there is no commonality. It's a collection of trinkets you've discovered over the year. Don't fear! Billy George is here! Let me help you gain some home interior decoration inspiration to get you started!

pinterest home decor


One of my fav past times is rummaging through the glorious home decor that the millions of users of Pinterest post each and every day. It's a constant source of some of the best ideas you could incorporate into your own home. Be careful, because it become a rabbit hole if you get too deep!

Instagram can be a great source too, but you'd have to filter through the other 75% of imagery that just purely isn't inspiring or relevant. Tumblr is also another great resource, the thousands of home bloggers sharing their imagery and wisdom comes in super handy.

Pick A Theme

Well, now that you managed to claw your way out of that 'wabbit hole, it's time to pick a theme; this will bring everything together and just make sense. Now, you can't just willy nilly pick a theme, as it could be an absolute disaster when you put it all together. Why? Well, it may not go with the design of your home. For example, you may be living in a dark 60's period home where they're all designed with huge eaves, bigger front porches and tiny windows. Choosing a minimal 'back to nature' theme won't work as you need a vast amount of light to bring it all home. There are ample choices to make, from concrete industrial looks to homely cottage essence. Choose wisely my friends.

Scout your local stores

Once you've gained some inspiration and you have some fresh new ideas, your next stop is to all the stores that house funky furniture and home living wares. I mean, you've probably passed them a thousand times but never noticed or bothered to explore. Well, try it! You'll find some amazingly quirky individual items that'll catch your eye. Arrange them around and add to the bigger picture. 

It may also not be a homewares stores. The modern retail environment is drastically changing, requiring a lot more than just clothes on a rack. Getting out to some of these fashion or lifestyle stores is brilliant. It's all about looking at the little details; the mixing of colours, the textures. It's a focus on design and creating an engaging experience.


Whatever your goal is, be sure to look around; do your research. It'll pay off. You may just want to update some of the trinkets, or rearrange what you've got already, regardless, it's important to know what you're doing. A plan of attack, especially when completely redecorating. Happy decorating!