Mr Porter's Stylish Men

Mr Porter rallies some of the most stylish and connected men in the world 

Words by Billy George
Photos by Mr Bjorn Iooss for Mr Porter

I know what you're thinking. Here's another list of stylish men that are outclassing everyone. The list is ever growing, and it's not making me feel great about myself. But none-the-less, we must continue on our own journey, kind readers. 

Mr Porter has brought together to re-introduce us to their newly relaunched Style Council, in association with IWC Schaffhausen. Described as an insider's guide to the best the world has to offer. An easy-to-filter/share guide on where to go, and how to get there. 

Not only can we admire their style, we'll be immersed in their city-hopping habits. Do as fashion's best do and go. 




Mr Eugene Tong

Stylist and creative consultant

Eugene Tong. What more can I say? This man has been popping up at fashion weeks for year. His style is simple yet effortlessly brilliant, fusing sportswear and high-fashion. The Taipei bred, New York based creative spends 10 days a month travelling, so it's fair to say he has a fair idea on travel. 





Alexander Gilkes

Founder, Paddle8

Mr Gikes is an Englishman in New York chairman and co-founder of Paddle8 (innovative online auctions website) by day and charming auctioneer for charity fundraisers by night. The man spends many of his days between offices in New York, London and Berlin. 




Imran Amed

Founder, The Business of Fashion

Founder of Business of Fashion, yes, you heard right, BoF! Just a decade ago, it was a blog and has since become an upper echelon in the industry. Today it is the leading trade, news and analysis website in the industry of fashion. Amed is a man that spends time around the world, basing his time London yet often sees Australia, Dubai and China. 




Alexandre de Betak

Founder, Bureau Betak





Founding the production company Bureau Betak in Paris over 25 years ago, the man himself spends time in the offices in New York, Paris and New York to produce fashion shows for Dior shows and events in art and design.





David de Rothschild

Founder, The Lost Explorer


Founding The Lost Explorer, a sustainable clothing, luggage and balms brand, this gentleman is a activist and an adventuring. He sailed a boat made from plastic bottles across the pacific to raise awareness of the perils of packaging. When he's not globe trotting, he runs talks in Venice,  California.




Wei Koh

Founder, The Rake and Revolution magazines





Mr Koh founded two magazines 'The Rake' and 'Revolution', raised in New York, who now splits his time between London and Singapore. This bespoke gent spends his time in suits, smoking cubans and has a watch for many seasons.

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