Nick Fouquet; Mad Hatter

The legendary LA-Based god of hat's gives Hypebeast an inside look

Words by Billy George

If you wear hats as much as I do, there is a certain name synonymous with mad hatter-y, and I don't mean those rad dudes at Art Comes First. Nick Fouquet is a young man born in the Big Apple, who has then grown up in the south west of France before making his way around Patagonia, Switzerland, Morocco, Thailand and Australia before plonking himself in Los Angeles.

Spending his childhood altering the hats his father would bring home from his jobs, Mr Fouquet has a creative voice that really exemplifies his headwear collections. Studying environmental science, a long shot away from hat making, the man himself takes Hypebeast through the process of creating one of his unique pieces from sewing and steaming through to fire treatment and sanding. 

With hats as unique as the people who wear them, the vintage-inspired headwear mixes vintage woven fabrics and rare dyes from India and Japan to create truly distinguishable yet classic pieces.