Pharrell's G-Star Raw Collection

ComplexCon will never be the same once Pharrell is done!

Words by Billy George

 Photo courtesy of G-Star RAW

Photo courtesy of G-Star RAW

There is little to no doubt that I am a huge fan of anything that Pharrell Williams does in his life. I mean, look at his accomplishments! Lead singer of N.E.R.D (which got me through high school years), successful solo career, famed music producer, idolised by millions for his sense of style, and now taking the plunge into the fashion world. 

His part ownership of G-Star Raw announced in February of this year. The new 'Head of Imagination' debuted his first collection at ComplexCon in Long Beach, California. The alpine/mountain motif was used to drape the Elwood X25 pieces, all hanging individually from transparent wires. 

The 20th anniversary pays tribute to the brands roots in denim with the ethos of 'freedom of choice'. it all adds to the democracy of wardrobe choice. It's about giving a certain variety to allow us to express ourselves in our own way.

To me, this collection is perfect. It continues on G-Star's excellent track record of unique pieces with a touch of Pharrell's brilliance.