See Now, Buy Now; What Does the Future Hold?

What has the future of fashion week have in store? 

Words by Billy George

 Photo via Harpers Bazaar

Photo via Harpers Bazaar

Fashion has gone nuts. In the era of high-fashion houses putting on extravagant shows for their collections, a new trend is emerging. See now, buy now. When you watched a fashion show, traditionally you're looking at pieces that are coming; sometimes not necessarily ever to be available.

But this may soon be a thing of the past. Reproduction is a huge problem; driven by the dependence on sales distributions and the network that brings prices right down, these big brands are seeing a need for an urgent model, by offering catwalk delicacies that are immediately available post-show. 

This, in my opinion, is also pushed from a huge need to appeal to our modern social requirements. Bloggers are no longer bloggers, but influencers representing these very brands that now need to feed content by supplying clothes and accessories to the everyday masses. 

It keeps the ball rolling. The fashion wheel turning.

We don't know what the future brings us for fashion week and the extravaganzas that occur. The smaller labels are keeping it light, going the opposite way and pushing back their events towards release dates. One on one interviews with editorialists, it's a niche market they are getting into, it needs to be exclusive. 

But there is no doubt that it's all under construction. Major housework to maintain profits. Yet in these troubled times, Coach is rising (by 2%) after a rebrand and restructuring by their fearless leader, Victor Luis and creative director Stuart Vevers. It's momentum, in the right direction and for the future. Michael Kors is fiddling with the idea of see now, buy now. Ralph Lauren has already taken it on board after massive slumps. Powerhouses Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger have also adopted it for the September Spring/Summer season. Tom Ford had pushed his show to line up with the retail schedule. It's all moves. 

I like the idea of the shake-up. Traditionally speaking, Fashion Week to me had become more about the spectacle of it all. We have forgotten that we are all there for the clothes and got more intrigued by the performance. Maybe this is the move to get back to why we are here in the first place? The clothes, hats, shoes and jewellery.