Skincare for the Modern Gent

Guys, Take Care of your Skin!

Words & Photo by Billy George

I get it, you're a guy. It's been insinuated that you don't need to moisturise. Well, that's not correct at all. Your skin is skin, regardless of gender, so keeping it clean and clear is super important. 

I mean, have you ever wondered how some people just radiate? Always have the clear skin that you envy? Be in your neighbour or celebrity? Well, it's not without hard work or reason. Keeping a strong skin-cleansing game is important in this modern, social world.

What's on my list of regular habits? Read on, kind readers!

Oil Eliminator Moisturiser. I cannot rave on about this enough. Being european, I suffer from oily skin. I know a lot of people are the exact opposite, I have a lot of people laugh but, it's no joke. I use the one from Kiehl's for my morning and evening application, but also have L'Oréal Men Expert sitting on my desk at work. If you can't afford both, use the one or the other! 

Oil Eliminator Face Wash. I think I wash my face with water about 10 times a day. Don't worry, I'm not a clean freak, moreover just a nice way to keep myself awake after staring at a computer screen for hours. Once I get home after a long day, my go to is a good face wash. And boy does it help! With a nice soft towel to dry your face post-wash, a velvety soft face will be found underneath all the crud you wash away. 

Eye Alert. With age comes bag under your eyes, unless you have never suffered from stress or haven't worked a day in your life. Most of you can relate when I say that it's not a great feeling when someone says 'Oh dude, you look so tired!' when you're actually feel refreshed and completely awake. Get onto the eye creams! After a month of continuous morning and evening applications, most of the darkness and puffiness around my eyes disappeared, and with more time, the creases slowly began to disappear. 

Shave Cream. I know most of you will have a shave cream bought from your local mart, but spending a few extra $$$s on a branded one goes a longer way. Smoother and rash-free skin. Do I need to say more?

After Shave Moisturiser. This is the big ticket item. Shaving is traumatic for your skin and facial hair. Shaving cream is one thing, but ensuring you have a specific cream that helps lock in the moisture post shave is super beneficial.