The Ever Eccentric, Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul has delivered, but that's nothing of a surprise

Words by Billy George
Photos by Alex Finch for Vogue Runway

Seoul. A fashion week with a twist. Nothing can describe the love I have for all the photos I get to see catch up on that spring out of the city. It's a unique blend of punk rock with a twist of high fashion athleisure. Well, in my opinion at least. 

As Seoul Fashion Week finally came to a close for Spring/Summer '17, there are some serious lessons I want to review. Seoul is a fashion hub on the rise, the world's fastest growing actually, that is known for its eccentricity. It's not like the Pitti peacocks we see flocking to Florence twice a week. I mean, it's a certain kind of badass approach, where people look like they're having fun with fashion. Think goth meets high fashion. 


Leather CHIC

The crowd looked at ease in leather, it looks like everyone has some kind of leather piece; be it a jacket or some kind of big accessory. They can look anyone straight in the face and known they have worn it right. 



Wearing layers correctly is a fine art; balance is an exact science. You can't hope to throw everything together and expect it to work. There are innocuous ways of layering but then there is the straight up offensive. A t-shirt under a cardigan with a fine shearling coat? Now that is some Seoul soul. 



Denim like you mean it

Whether you're a stylish five year old or a super duper suave dude, investing in key pieces of denim is key. You don't do denim half way; mixing up the shades and fades in the wash of the jean or jacket is a great way to show your commitment to the denim cause. Double denim is bold, so make sure you don't really over do the rest of the outfit. 





It's key to remember sometimes it's the simple things that are the best. I mean, wearing what is comfortable and stylish to you is what it's all about. A light sweatshirt paired with a matching pant/beanie combo and your favourite specs? Priceless. 




You don't have to go bold

When you think of Seoul, you often get the air or exuberance. That each person has spent countless thousands. But, you know what, it's sometimes a mixture of the above said techniques perfectly moulded together. You don't have to stand out of the crowd when the rest of the crowd is already standing.