The Holiday Season Dress Code

Style Up for the Silly Season and avoid awkward conversation

Words by Billy George


The holiday season is glorious. Spending quality time away from the chains of the dreaded work desk is one thing, but spending time with family in peace is the real home-run. While my nephews and nieces run amok, I love the feast made up from my mum's experienced hands, no doubt with the help of some extraneous family member wanting to help.

I come from a pretty close-knit family, we're all mostly spun from the same thread. Times like this are rare but well spent. Feuds aside, it comes down to enjoying time together in a warm atmosphere. 

There are times to look slack about the house, yet during the holiday season, you got to dig deep into your sartorial genes and rip out your stylish soul to step out in an ensemble that expresses the extravagant gentleman you are. And no, I don't mean pulling out that Christmas sweater that is purposefully ugly. That annual gathering of relatives deserves a bit more than "Is that really what's in fashion now days... Blimey!". Learn from my bitter experience! I can't guarantee you'll be 100% grandma proof, but you'll be able to make your pops proud! 

The holidays are just that, time away from work to enjoy with your loved ones. It's not about looking sharp in a three piece suit, it's about playing with the staples I know you've got in your wardrobe and bringing those together. No statement pieces, just key items to blend. 

Christmas Feasting

Summer in Australia can leaving you guessing at the best of times. Well, at least in Melbourne it does. While the rest of the country melts, being able to wear something comfortable, yet versatile, is important. After all, you'll most likely end up near a barbecue, a staple Australian Christmas tradition (no 'shrimp', don't worry). 

Cramming the delicacies on the table is the name of the game. Keeping stylish and wearing a stretchier cotton pant is super important! Add on a light shirt or tee and an even lighter jacket gains depth to a simple outfit. It's about looking effortlessly classy. A clean pair of sneakers, your favourite sunglasses and some easy-to-wear accessories and you're ready to rock around the block and outshine everyone at the table.  

The in-between Outings

Part of the so-called Silly Season, are the appearances you're obliged to make at gatherings with family or friends, along with the social aspect at your work. From work to play, wearing appropriately stylish outfits that keep you looking the part add to the holiday flavour. 

Loose layers. That's my motto for these in-between dates. mixing and matching base colours, playing with materials and the grand focal piece adds so much depth to the outfit. Jumping from the office to the dance floor at the office Christmas party becomes a quirkier affair. And that's a good thing. It's about your personal flair and experimenting with your favourable pieces. 

New Years

Well this is a tricky one. With the multitude of events thrown downtown to the house-parties running around the neighbourhood, looking your part is just one part of the puzzle. The venue you're attending may be black tie, or if you're a weirdo, white outfits only. 

Japanese street style, though it may seem out of sorts at times, is a huge inspiration. I love the little twists that the gentleman of the land of the rising sun add, showing a personal flair without sacrificing too much. This is the key for a New Years outfit. Looking great with a Japanese flair, not only helps you stand out from the vagrant crowd, but has you looking suave. From suspended trousers and vans to that key statement hat. Go away from matching tones, to opposing pieces and clashing threads. Draw interest, attract that bit of attention. It's New Years after all! 

To briefly sum it all up, holiday styling has come down to a small list of factors. Comfort. Versatility. Expression. 

Comfort? Well, easy. Choose wisely in the materials you wear. Light cotton blends or linen are great options for Australian summer. 

Taking these pieces and layering to add a bit of depth brings together a versatile outfit that can take you from work slump to party mode. 

Zing. Bang. Flavour. You are your own person. Add in something you wouldn't really wear. Whether it's a bit more bling or a statement hat, this is your choice, your expression of who you are over a period that makes everyone merry, even the office grinch won't keep you down. 

Merry Christmas!