The Rise of the Hatter

The Sartorial Badass. From Akubra to Stetson; a Hat for any Season

Words by Billy George

 Stetson Stratoliner in True Blue

Stetson Stratoliner in True Blue

I don't think hats ever go out of fashion. No matter the style, a dapper gent will always have something fascinating to wear on their head; season in and out. I know I do. But something that has really taken over this last year (at least) is a huge rise in the wide-brim felt hat in a multitude of shapes and cuts. 

Don't get me wrong, it's not something new. These style of hats have been worn for decades. Moreover, it's something that has been taken up in the fashion world, and it's hit the ground running. And I'm all for it! If you know me, I'm pretty much rarely seen with a bare head these days. 

 Stetson Open Road

Stetson Open Road

For me, it's a kind of added that touch to my personal style. I always wore that kind of rocker / edgy sartorial look in both professional and casual environments. 

Adding a well-crafted hat on my head like this, was a no-brainer. 

I do often get asked, 'How do you pull it off like you do, it just suits you' or 'Only you could wear a hat like that'. It often seems laborious to reply in the same way, every time. Any lady or gent can pull this kind of hat off. 

It's all about two things. Confidence and dressing for it. I mean, you can't wear a hat like this and dress like you're going to an Ivy League college with your letterman and Sebago's on. It doesn't work that way. 

There are two ways I wear these hats. Simple or Layered. And definitely not like your traditional cowboy.

Head for Simplicity

This is the easiest way to wear these kind of hats! Let my friends Nathan, Marcel and Denny show us how it's done, New York style. Put on your favourite pair of slim jeans (bonus points if they're distressed), and your best tee (whether it's plain, striped or rock band style) and you're set! Remember! No sneakers (unless you go with a higher-end white sneaker)! It's leather or suede shoes and boots all the way!

It's your classic James Dean look!

The Rocker

Edgier, fun and down-right playful. This is a modern take on punk rock styling. This takes a fair bit more curating; you'll be throwing layers on and piling them up on the ground when it just doesn't work. There is no rule here, just do what feels right. My only advice is make sure you have a full length mirror in your room to save the million trips to the bathroom. In the below, Myself, Isaac, Nathan, Shaka and Sam all show you how it's done.