The Street Magic of Tokyo

Oversized & Distressed, Tokyo Ups it's Street Style

Words by Billy George
Photos by Julien Boudet for Hypebeast

From the city that I love the most, Fashion Week has already taken over with some incredible and prominent outerwear. The long coats, baggy military jackets, oversized shirts key denim pieces are mixed in with layers of popular brands.

It's a stark contrast between Seoul. Though it's just as creative, it takes away from that 'Goth' inspired street style'd look towards a relaxed yet distressed look. With the temperatures plummeting, the need to tackle the chilled climate is necessary.

One thing I'm also noticing is that a lot of what is worn is a DIY reworking of something that was a lot more. Patchwork denim, elongated tears and so forth. Though the theme of 'loose-fit' is solidly taken throughout, it's not to say that each outfit has a certain flair about the character of who wore it.