The White Sneaker Craze

Nothing beats a crispy white pair of sneakers

Words & Photo by Billy George

Sneakers. Kicks. Runners. Joggers. Whatever you may call them, having the right pair not only finishes off your outfit, but adds to your sense of style. Over the years, I have amassed a sizeable collection of shoes, from sneakers right through to dress shoes. Yet Im always on the look out for that perfect next pair. 

As I sit here, and splurge out my thoughts, I am two weeks out from my trip to Japan. This prompted me to think, that I actually had no nice pair of white shoes. A casual leather sneaker that I could wear anywhere, from a casual day at the office to weekend escapades. So I did a bit of research and picked these ones up!

So what do (or did) I look for? Let me break it all down for you. Who knows, maybe it'll inspire you!

Simplicity. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. White sneakers are white sneakers. Their is no need to over complicate the look of them.

Classics. Go with the classics if you can't decide. A sweet pair of white Vans or Converse All Stars takes you a long way.

Material. Depending on the look you're after, keep a mind of what the shoes are made of. Canvas is great but gets dirty easy where as leather cleans off easier but isn't as comfortable. 

Price. Have a budget in mind! Sneakers can get quite expensive so don't go overboard if you don't need to, or you know. Spend up!

With these in mind, I ended up picking up a pair of Lacoste. Simple and comfortable, plus they look great with anything I wear, from denim to suits.