Weekend Away or a Long Trip? Pack Worry Free.

Packing for a Weekend Away or a Vacation doesn't have to be that tedious

Words by Billy George

 Photo by @conradmens

Photo by @conradmens

Having done a lot of travel this year myself, I know how daunting packing can be. Whether they were business trips, weekends away or holidays, it's a bit of unnecessary stress.

Image you have the contents of your trip in a backpack, the pressure of the straps on your shoulders. Can you feel it? Begin by packing in the little things you have around your room, sitting on the dresser or on shelves. All the collectibles, your favourite books, your laptop and tablet. Got that all in there? Has it gotten heavier?

Now lets add in the contents of our room. The bed, the dresser. I bet you can feel it now! Got that all in there? Now add in your relationships. Your family, friends, partner. Struggling to keep upright?

Everyone packs like as if there taking their life with them. I know you probably wear the same track pants and tee around the house for weeks at a time, so why is it different from when you go away? You don't need the three extra t-shirts, or the few pairs of underwear in case the world ends. 

Weekend away? One jacket, one pair of pants, 2 shirts, 2 tees and a couple of pairs of socks and undies. If it's a holiday, then obviously pack a bit more. Just remember, unless you're doing a trip to secluded islands where there is no civilisation for hundreds of kilometres, you can still buy a whatever extra you might need! It's not the end of the world! I actually relish on shopping when away.