London Fashion Week: Mens

Home of effortless street layers

Words by Billy George
Photos by Adam Katz Sinding, Dan Roberts

London. a metropolis of fashion and style, is rearing with life. A world cultural capital and the world's most visited city. A city that is teaming with investment and international retailers. Honestly, I could go on about London and it's rich history. But the real question on the mind of leading publications covering men's fashion week is, of course, Brexit. How has the exit from the EU affected the world of fashion? 

London's Fall mens shows have left all thoughts of this behind, steaming ahead with big names making a stand and presenting with bravado. From J.W.Anderson and Cottweiler through to Craig Green and Katie Eary, it's been an interesting ride watching from the bleachers (that is to say, from all the way at home). The prominence of statement coats and the inspiration of the streets on the runway has given us our central theme. It seems this Fall's go-to trend has become a big statement coat. It's been an opening item in many of the shows. From Astrid Anderson and Cottweiler. 

I gain a lot of inspiration from the traditional women's shows, so it has been a pleasure seeing brands, like Katie Eary, have female models walk alongside the gents to give us a mixed presentation. I love seeing the traditionally male silhouettes worn in a slight twist to add a feminine look. 

It's proving to be a tonal affair on the stages, lighting up the capital with eclectic pieces in start contrasts. As crowds zig-zagged there way from venues and showroom, the labels on presentations are hitting the ground running with a mix of elegant blend of materials, from heritage tweed outerwear from E.Tautz to vivid painterly splashes on the suits, scarves and sneakers for Lou Dalton. Seeing a lot of navy, grey, blacks and vivid in-betweens, I'm starting to get a little excited to see what the rest of Fall fashion week around the world is looking to bring us. Oh! Don't forget the creamy whites! 

A not-to-be-missed highlight so far has been played by the music selection. From on-stage stand-offs between models and the jeering crowd, labels have explored cultural roots of music and blended it seamlessly into the theme of the their Fall collections. 

Another important aspect, something that I always love to watch is the street style outside the doors of the label's presentations. Recent years, it's exploded and London gives us an aspect of fashion that we rarely see elsewhere. A preference for brands such as Supreme, Thrasher and Gosha Rubchinskiy layered under wool overcoats, leather jackets or MA-1 flight jackets. It's become a sporty / high-fashion look. The sneaker-game is just as hot!