Copenhagen Fashion Week

Streetstyle at Copenhagen Fashion Week Was Bold and Unapologetic

Words by Billy George
Photos by Adam Katz Sinding, Julien Boudet

Well well well. Here we are again Copenhagen. The Danish land of the 100-year old amusement park Tivoli Gardens, the statue of The Little Mermaid, and the freetown of Christiania. But Copenhagen has a lot more to offer. Yep - Fashion! After London, Milan, Paris, New York and Berlin comes the land of the flying Dutchman to the rescue.

The vibe? Relaxed street attire. After the season is fast coming to a close, it seems everyone is a bit more conscious of comfort than showing off. The Scandinavian's most stylish dropped the suits and hit the streets in track pants, sneakers, loose shirts and glammed up accessories to show the rest of Europe that they have their own edge. Their own signature. And that just it - it's so minimal it's perfect! Vibrant colours toned down by the mix of layers really helps that out. Check out some of my favourite looks above!