Fall Fashion in NYC

Words by Billy George
Photos by Dan Roberts, Marcy Swingle, Ben Skyler, James Creel, Giuseppe Santamaria, Nick Urteaga

The canvas that was New York City, and fashion week, was blistering snow fall. Show goers braced the cold weather with statement coats, and a drastic amount of layers to keep warm. The usually dapper affair that is New York, has heavily been influenced by the insurgence of street / athleisure that is culminating from other capitals.

Though you do see a bit of Acne, Nike, Schott and so on, the crowd favourite, by far, was adidas, especially in the form of Yeezy's, three-stripe track pants and so on. The cold snap continued through the rest of the week, this didn't stop people flocking in vibrance to have a good time. Though adidas seemed to dominate, there was a huge selection of high-fashion too, with the likes of OFF-WHITE, Balenciaga, Vetements, Louis Vuitton, Raf Simmons, Chanel; the list goes on! Oh! And this new trend of 'Dad Hats' supposedly, seems to be in full affect. 

A number of sighted visitors including A$AP Rocky, Jerry Lorenzo and Kanye West. The concrete jungle did not disappoint. The visuals were on point, with eye-catching details, from select pieces such as vintage Gucci tees, metallic and hugely proportioned coats and eclectic footwear.