Future Trends of Men's Fashion

If London is anything to go by, we'll be seeing a lot more of this to come!

Words by Billy George

There have been some common themes for the outfits of the lads on the streets of London. Kicking off the men's fashion week calendar with a bang, let's delve right in shall we?


Well we all know double denim quite well, but what we're seeing is a prevalence of the indigo-dyed textile. In totes, coats and more. Triple, even quadruple, denim is bringing some Japanese influence from our eastern neighbours. I, for one, am a huge fan of this! It's a cacophony of blues that I wish to subscribe to forever. Long live denim!

This shot of John Jarrett gives you a greater understanding. The mix of denim tones in the pants and jacket add so much flavour to the outfit. The underlying denim shirt brings a sense of composure to fit perfectly. Cuffed up with Chuck Taylors, a bandana round the neck and a hat to match, this is Japanese denim influence. It's a blues fest, which has added to the lustre of the city. 



Before you get ahead of yourself, let's stop and think about what I mean here. Style is always about creating contrasts in what is worn. The stark difference in tones of the colours emphasises statement pieces to really make a stand out of the crowd without looking out of place. Exhibit to the right, the shearling collared leather jacket contrasts beautifully against the white tee and jeans. Other examples? Camel coloured overcoats over a tonal outfits in blue, black & white just oozes appeal. We're talking sharp, tapered and classic pieces that bring uniformity.


While the topic was raised from the aforementioned outfit, shearling is gaining ground. The warmth & comfort it provides beyond the stylish touch it adds to suede and leather jackets is phenomenal. 

It's not something that is raved on about in GQ pages, on Mr Porter's journal and many other publications protesting the brilliance. It's a camel-coloured contrast it adds to the outfit just screams brilliance. 

Whether you're after a look that takes you back to the days of Top Gun or a bit of chic-ness with a silk scarf wrapped around your neck, there is nothing shearling can't do to spice up a statement look. 


If the streets of London are any predicting vice, we'll definitely be seeing a humongous shift in statement coats. Standing to attention and attracting the buddying photographer about town dictates street style outside of the shows. Bringing that x-factor comes with statement coats; it's been a growing commonality. Fashion designers have become savvy in the ways of developing pieces for the streets. The clothes they create often lax when it comes to street rules yet the finest creatives are finally stepping out and defining staple looks that are fast become cult hits. They may be backstage in a pair of jeans and tee, yet the overcoats are creating waves on the street. 

Whether it's an assortment of patches (as you can see to the right), a singular branded word (such as the Vetements coats) or even political and inspirational quotes, it's a world I'm glad that's fast accepting the flamboyance in big coats and even bigger progression in street styling.

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