My Christmas Wishlist

Stuck for gift ideas? Here's some of what I want!

Words by Billy George

It's that time of the year. Again. Every time I think forward to Christmas during the year, I always say, ahh it's ok - still have xx months to go. Being an adult sucks. It's filled with way too many responsibilities I wish I could refuse. Worst of all, time flies regardless if you're having fun! With shopping malls packed in tight and seemingly every brand / retailer having some kind of sale to get you through their door (or online store), where do you start when you're looking for gifts for a man thats seemingly 'got everything'. 

Well. Look no further! I have a lot of things but I still have a need for many more accessories and statement pieces that I'd personally love to get! So here's what's on my wishlist this Christmas! Hopefully this will list will give you a bit of inspiration for the little things in life any modern gent should have, and will always need more of! Happy Christmas!

country road duffel bag

<<< Bags. A overnight bag or a duffel bag that fits a day's worth of excitement is a most excellent gift. Country Road is synonymous in Australia with bold minimalist pieces that just work on so many levels so you can never go wrong! I've had one handed down to me from my older sister and it's still going (20 something years later - no joke!

Country Road monochrome logo tote

end x timex

>>> A belt. Never leave the house without having one wrapped around the loops of your denim jeans or trousers. Seriously ladies, if your lads are walking around with their pants around their thigh, its high in time to get them something to fix that!

MJ Bale almanda belt

mjbale belt

^^^ Give a man a watch, and he'll never be late again. Well, so they say - or do they? Every gent needs a quality and stylish watch on their wrist and nothing says that more than Timex. End. x Timex came together to bring you a classic yet modern swing on a timeless piece. Sporty yet chic.

End. x Timex watch

double u frenk rings

<<< If you know anything about me, I love wearing some bling on my fingers every now and then. It's a great way to spice up a simple outfit with a bit of personal flavour. An assortment of different colours & styles just adds to the overall look! Lads, you won't need arm candy when your fingers are this spiced up!

Double U Frenk Opposite rings collection

Uniqlo ultra light down vest

>>> Every man needs a quality wallet. If it's legal for them to drive (alone), drink or smoke, then a scratch wallet needs to be binned for a proper piece! I prefer my larger wallets, something that comfortable fits in with everything. If travel is something that's on the cards, then a travel wallet made from someone that travels a lot is just what is needed - take it from the man himself, Mr Christian Kimber. 

Christian Kimber travel wallet

Christian Kimber travel wallet

^^^ I'm not going to lie to you, I already bought myself one of these vests when I was in Tokyo in May and holy shit the versatility on this piece is breathtaking. It's moving into the warmer weather down under so on those crips mornings, a tee and this vest work so damn well, that when it heats up, you can just peel it off!

Uniqlo ultra light down vest

Lack of Color noir rancher hat



<<< Behind every man, is an even greater hat. When it comes to the classic men of the last century, there has always been a beautiful hat that keeps their ideas crowned to their head. Inspired by vintage mens styles, this hat is designed to make a statement! Nothing says that more than Australian wool.

Lack of Color noir rancher

jack london cubano heels

>>> All the range in fashion and street style in the last few months has been all about the sling bag / bum bag / pouch. Why carry your wallet in your back pocket when you can slip it in nicely with a disposable film camera, phone and any other little nick-nacks. While you're at it, why not do it in in denim! G-STAR know where it's at and got you sorted!

G-STAR Estan denim pouch

gstar pouch

^^^ Nothing is more exciting than seeing the world from an inch higher than you normally would. Swinging toward a very rock 'n roll vibe is this pair of beautiful leather boots, that are just so comfortable. Let the inner badass stand tall.

Jack London Cubano heels

skwosh club peachy cheeks shorts


<<< Millions of peaches, peaches for (well not free, but you get the gist of it). This summer is all about tropical vibes, think fun Hawaiian prints taken to the next level. With Summer already here and the beach cawing your name (might be the 'gulls), nothing says 'Im ready for the sand and the surf' than a funky pair of swim trunks! Skwosh. got 'ya covered!

Skwosh. Peachy Cheeks shorts

bailey nelson round sunglasses

>>> We all need a little protection, even our shoes! With the amount of shoes a modern gent has, making sure they're well looked after is important. Aquila comes to the rescue with a shoe care pack that includes a brush, water & stain protector along with a shoe cream colour of your choice! 

Aquila Shoe Care gift pack

aquila shoe care gift pack

^^^ Nothing says Summer more than a pair of sunglasses. Rock around in style w/ these pink toned tortoise-shell specs. They'll help accentuate either a fun day at the beach or add on to a simple jeans & tee look! 

Bailey Nelson Aries Windsor titanium sunglasses