What's good, Paris?

The city of love? Nah, of Fashion!

Words by Billy George
Photos by Phil Oh, Joe Harper, Dan Roberts

The city of dreams. Love. Fashion. Anything goes. Paris has a timeless feeling to it. A sense of déjà vu that cannot be explained. First-time visitors or frequent travellers alike, it's a world-renowned city, and quite recognisable, regardless if the Eiffel Tower is looming in the background. 

We're talking exquisite cuisine, chic boutiques and artistic treasures all within paces of each other. Parisians are a stylish bunch, after all, it's couture heaven. How could it not rub off on you? At the helm of international trends and big fashion houses, emerging designers, flagships and boutique stores are just part of the magic of the city. Hidden among quaint cafes and luxurious restaurants are also quirky and hip concept stores that scream elegance. Vintage stores? Of course! You'll find some hidden treasures amongst the rags. Bookshops. Flea markets. Well, the list goes on. 

It's a city where fashion rules are made to be broken. Fashion week is something else, a mixture of high-fashion couture with vintage finds. Track pants and over-coats. You get the idea. It's this unique mix that makes this brilliant city shine. It's the city of lights after all! 

A fair few celebrities have graced their presence on the front rows of designer shows. But the streets are ruled by the fashionable males sporting diverse looks. Streetwear culture is thriving amongst the spectrum of designer brands like Vetements, Balenciaga and Gucci. Oh! Let's not forget the accessories! From bags to hats and everything in between! First, of many, impressions seem to definitely make the mark. 

With temperatures siting below zero over the weekend, we're seeing a huge array of coats, layered to perfect for functional benefits. Parkas, overcoats and oversized jackets canvased with prints or mixed textiles, statement outerwear is a continued theme from Milan. The best outfits are naturally those that flow beautifully on trend, without diving too foolhardily. Classic elements with modern aesthetics. Let's look at some leading statement coats that we've seen in Paris.

The 90s Parka nostalgia

Lightweight. Warm. Voluptuous. A parker can be moulded to suit any style, including loose fits that blogger Isaac Hindin-Miller and model Jenny Albright are rocking. I'm personally loving this 90s throwback to big fits and loose tees. These two personally pay tribute to this era beautifully. 

You can dress this look up as well, substitute faded denim with slim-fit trousers and monk-straps (or derbys), followed by a tuck in of the t-shirt. Well, that is if you don't swap it out for a turtle-neck! It just works, and works rather nicely. 

The IVY LEague

Presumably walking right out of campus of a well-to-do university is a very youthful look. It's the connotation of sportsmanship and teen spirit that makes this style. You honestly have two options, the letterman (as pictured) or a cardigan, both adorned with a big letter, representing a school (but most likely a brand). 

This outfit is all about rocking the tones. Clashing vibrance doesn't really work too well. Think well constructed denim or chinos a knit scarf to top it off. Picking a scheme and sticking with it adds sharpness and a modern edge to an almost vintage aesthetic. 

The goods news is you have ample options. This is a mass produced jacket, made popular in recent years so you'll be able to find many options from high-fashion right through to your local department store. 

The Elegant FAUX-FUR

Something that is popping up more and more this season is statement faux-fur coats. Whether the collar is lined with some subtle details to the entire garment, it's become a must-wear. Whether you choose patchwork like Luka Sabbat or entirely fur-like feels worn by his model gal-pal, the Faux-Fur coat is no longer a feminine staple.

The bravado of the coat shines through, bringing an elegant and soft touch to a detailed outfit. Though I prefer a more sartorial look to this, it can be toned down with athleisure-styled fits.

The Rockstar in Leather

It's the rockstar meets sartorial badass look; an ensemble that is on the edge of comfort yet is versatile to meet your street style requirements. Honestly, it's not an outfit you see everyday, but the brilliance in the strict colour palette that flashes. The pale cream sweater that blooms into a black-collared turtleneck, the darkened, almost dirty cream trousers and the worn-in brown leather jacket just works. It's brought together with the sunglasses to show a harmony between colours, textures and style choices. 

The Long Coats

Well well well. It's cold, so long coats that drape across the body and cover more than just the upper torso have become a huge hit in men's Fall fashion week. Crossing between textiles, brands, layers, prints and colours, it's definitely the trend to watch this coming season. 

Recommendation? Layer it! Long coats work so well over layers of jackets, knits, sweaters and trousers. Playing with the combination of colours helps to add tones and variety to a look, regardless if you keep it monochrome!