Paris, I Love You

In the city of love, men are calling true

Words by Billy George
Photos by Adam Katz Sinding, Chris Choi, David Nyanzi, Yu Yang Acielle, Robert Spangle, Jonathan Pryce, Giuseppe Santamaria

For as far back as anyone can remember, it's always Paris that takes the centre stage. Fashion week of all fashion weeks. It's almost like a romantic love letter to fashion; romanticising about walking the picturesque Parisian streets, dressed head to toe in extravagantly simple layers the French are known for. Ahhh Paris, I could close my eyes and imagine myself there.

Paris is the home of the biggest brand's holding presentations for potential buyers, press, friends and bloggers alike. The elite all crowd the stage in their best, for some of the biggest brands, including Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton and Rick Owens all showing on the same day. As you can imagine; chaos. Off the catwalk, social media mavens and personalities hit the streets with photographers swarming to get a shot. We did see a couple of celebrities across the week, from basketball's Dwayne Wade and rapper Tyga. 

What were people wearing? Balenciaga, Off-White, Gucci, Vans and Yohji Yamamoto all mixed together with band tees such as the Misfits. There were eccentric styles with vivid prints and bold colours that contrasted the silhouettes. Add in some lavish accessories in hand to finish it all off. Honestly, it was quite impressive. 

Day 4 ended with Sacai, Études, Dior Homme, Hermès and more all slide between a spectrum of streetwear and high-fashion. It's refreshing. The modern styling and boldness continued. Personal styling is improving, and this Fashion Month has definitely been my favourite. Peep the album above to see what I mean.