The Distinguished Portsea Polo

Classic styling takes to Portsea for the 2017 Alfa Romeo Polo

Words by Billy George
Photos by Katya Wachtel, Mike Huynh and Benjamin Fitzgerald

Boat shoes, Aperol Spritzes and everything that the refined sport of Polo brings to the shores of Portsea; think big, think bold. No. Not the Bold & the Beautiful. Though we could say that it's the most obvious theme for the event. Summer has peaked at the point of Nepean. 

Passing its 17th year, Point Nepean National Park is clad with race goers, but of the preppier variety. Polo is a sport of royalty, but we're mostly not there for the horses racing about. With the weather holding off for a mostly bright blue sky with the odd bit of cloud and wind, there were some celebrities and sports stars alike about. Sponsored this year by Alfa Romeo to launch the new Giulia, people did at times, stop to watch the horses and riders alike. 

As per dress code? Well it's always the usual florals and whites. Linens, of course, is the chosen textile. The ladies wore off-the-shoulder blouses and ruffled dresses while the men in striped blazers. It was an advert for a certain Polo brand. The polo itself was a casual yet invite-only event. Not so much the case anymore is it! 

Nautical and preppy. Two styles intermingled together giving the gents of the day plenty of options. Though I must say that it's not often you see this kind of dress code about. We're talking cropped trousers with well tailored shirts. The shades of white matched beautifully with the navy statement pieces. Oh, and it was a sea of straw boat hats. Boat shoes, suede brogues and canvas espadrilles in vibrant colours won out on the feet. 

I've collated a number of outfits seen on the day that really shows the theme of the day. Enjoy!