Leave the Button Up Behind

Shirts are so yesterday. The new you calls for Henley's, Knits, Turtlenecks & more!

Words by Billy George

Bucking normality takes courage. It's so easy to get used to wearing a looser fitted casual button up when it's just so easy to put on (especially when it hides the little pot belly that is regularly filled with beer, or tasty tasty snacks. But after a while, that slim cut oxford isn't enough and the thirst for more comes alive from within. 

Be prepared to undergo a bit of a wardrobe shake up with menswear becoming adventurous. Dress codes are becoming dressed down yet it's quite simple pairings as proof that you can look damn good in any season (but especially so in Fall and Winter. 

Henley Layers

Ok. So. Henley's have long been forgotten. They're traditionally been associate with that rugged, worn in gent that is handier that your office worker self. But being stuck behind your desk doesn't necessarily mean you can't rock the look! Best of all? You don't need that tailored look for it! It's about rocking it. 

Alone, henley's can look quite bland and tend to suit the muscular male. So if you don't regularly hit the gym, try to avoid wearing them alone. There really isn't much to henley's beyond comfort and versatility, but it can be as simple as wearing it beneath a denim jacket, as you can see to the left. 

Going shirtless does require a certain outfit addition to brighten it up. Feel free to also pair in that beanie you love, some kind of watch or ring combination, maybe your favourite boots. 

One thing you'll notice that goes with this outfit, is the play on textures of all pieces in the layers. We have cotton, denim, leather and wool all in one!

The Tee Substitute

The perfect t-shirt is an illusion. Instead, you need to have a collection of many different varieties to suit your needs! The tee can be worn many ways when considering street wear, but when traditionally worn with a more sartorial look, you need to be a bit more picky. My suggestion? Form fitting. Get that right one that promotes your physique as it tends to help tone your outfit brilliantly. It's not the centrepiece of the outfit, but it quickly becomes the one item that shapes you. Whether paired with a bomber or a blazer, look at the right fit!

Knit-ghted Army

Fast becoming a staple in any modern man's wardrobe, a selection of key knit pieces can go a long way. Versatile in their construction, the wool can easily be woven into many different textures and patterns to give a very subtle and eye-catching look. But if you like the simpler side of life, a plain knit is easily found in any decent boutique or department store. Need only look!

My favourite? Cable-knit paired under a heavier jacket. Case in point, to the left, an off-white knit in a subtle horizontal cable-knit pattern sits comfortably alongside the shearling jacket, blending the two pieces together ever so brilliantly. 



Want a more streamline, Euro-inspired alternative to the stuffy shirt and tie? Look to the roll neck. Worn with classic tailoring, it’s a far less fussy and more comfortable meat layer under a blazer. Or try layering one under a biker jacket for a faultless high-low combination.

Stick to a fine gauge variety — one that’s lightweight and snug, adhering to the quality fabric rules once more: cashmere, wool or pima cotton for something that’s soft and durable. This fine weight option may not be so great for the larger gent. Got a belly? Stick with a denser sweater, which can be worn roomier and is thus, more forgiving on a protruding tummy.

Singlet Slinger

Not of the faint of heart, or to say, the body conscious. Singlets in general, have always been an item that clings to the body, and if it doesn't, it shows just enough to put anyone to shame. So, this is not something that I wear often at all, but if i could, I'd rock it like Justin O'Shea or Nathan McCallum (both pictured left); two Australian street style superstars. 

Think light on options. Slim trousers in a contrasting colour and some wrist bling to add some fun to the outfit when considering the body moulding singlet. Or go the opposite, with a looser fitting singlet, aka a sleeveless tee. This is amazingly well paired with tonal distressed denim and boots; oh, and the hat to match! 

Billy Georgopoulos